Red Bull X-Alps
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Just in case you're wondering why the 32 Red Bull X-Alps athletes might have signed up, we dug up this little throwback for you...

10 reasons why Red Bull X-Alps is the adventure of a lifetime: [ Link ]

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Red Bull X-Alps
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Nutrition and preparation only get you so far, but there's one secret weapon every Red Bull X-Alps competitor needs. Can you guess what it is?


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Less than 140 days to go till the 8th edition of the world's toughest adventure race in the world starts. Will you be following?

Will Chrigel make it 5 in a row?

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Rain or shine, Red Bull X-Alps battle the elements every step of the way, and if you can't fly because of the weather, you run...a lot. So how exactly do you hike 100km in one day, day after day?

We've got some tips for you: [ Link ]

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The Red Bull X-Alps really is a team race but supporters don’t always get a lot of love. Theirs is a thankless task but they’re as essential to the race as a paraglider wing.

This is why: [ Link ]

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Only 153 days left till Red Bull X-Alps 2017 kicks off!

Are you ready? More important: are our athletes ready?

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It's time for Part 3 of our intro to Vol Biv. This time we caught up with some of the Red Bull X-Alps athletes to talk about the grear and skills required: [ Link ]

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We know what you're thinking, Tom de Dorlodot.

We can't wait for Red Bull X-Alps 2017 to start either.
Last week, we introduced you to the ultimate freedom of vol biv. This week, we caught up with some of the Red Bull X-Alps athletes in order to get you some top tips: [ Link ]

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Tom de Dorlodot is back for 2017. This iconic shot was taken during Red Bull X-Alps 2013.

We love these kind of shots, how about you?
It’s the ultimate freedom and an essential component of the Red Bull X-Alps race – flying and hiking cross-country, camping where you land and repeating the following day. Here, in the first of two stories, some of the race’s top athletes explain why nothing beats a successful vol biv trip. In part 2 they give the expert tips that will let you plan your own.

Read Part 1: [ Link ]

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BREAKING NEWS: Two wildcards announced for Red Bull X-Alps 2017!!!

Find out who they are: [ Link ]

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Happy New Year! We're looking forward to 2017, are you?

Read about what's coming up for Red Bull X-Alps: [ Link ]

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Can you believe this was the middle of summer back during Red Bull X-Alps 2011? We're having a hard time doing so...
Another legend returns for 2017 - read up about the man who has competed in every single Red Bull X-Alps.

Meet Toma Coconea and the Eastern vets: [ Link ]
Time for a throwback to seconds before Swiss pilot Kaspar Henny touched down in Monaco in 2003 - marking the first finish ever in Red Bull X-Alps history.
Pál Takáts is returning to the Red Bull X-Alps eight years after last taking part (for the first and only time) in 2009. His surprise return for the 2017 race is proving to be quite a talking point among fans...

Meet the other Eastern European athletes: [ Link ]
Scenes from the start of Red Bull X-Alps 2007.

198 days left till the start shot is fired in Salzburg for the eighth edition of the toughest adventure race!

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Seb Huber is back and he's ready to take on Chrigel once again. Rounding out the Westerners are Tom de Dorlodot, Manuel Nubel and Ferdinand van Schelven.

Meet the athletes: [ Link ]

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Will Chrigel make it five times in a row? Will Aaron Durogati fight for first or will one of the rookies mount a surprise attack?

Check out how the Alpine Eagles stack up: [ Link ]

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