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This is how Fixin Diaries built a team. How will you to WIN season rugby tickets? Find out more: #LIVEWITHHEART
Red Heart Rum
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You could enjoy a dop at the local pub. Breyton Paulse would prep his man cave, get the boys over and serve a round or two. #LIVEWITHHEART
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Red Heart Rum
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Want season rugby tickets? Who doesn’t? We challenge you to build a team, any team, for anything. Show us by tagging Red Heart Rum & #LIVEWITHEART, and they could be in your pocket. See how Breyton Paulse did it.
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One's a complete pro on a skateboard, the other a rap heavyweight (but still pretty rockin' on a hoverboard. ;)) You feeling Crew Member #2 Jean-marc Johannes or Crew Member #5 KWESTA? #LIVEWITHHEART
Breyton Paulse went back to Stellies to visit his old rugby coach, and you’ll wanna stick around for what happened next. Seriously. We bet you season rugby tickets. Find out on Monday. #LIVEWITHHEART
You could have a night of beer. Red Heart Rum would stand up to beer. Enough! Beer doesn't deserve you. #LIVEWITHHEART
You could only think of what lies ahead of you. Red Heart Rum would sometimes reminisce about the past. Like that time your mate did that ridiculous thing and everyone saw it. Tag him. He deserves it. #LIVEWITHHEART
You could sing your heart out in the shower. KWESTA would rather have an audience (a little larger than your crib mate). #LIVEWITHHEART
You could catch up with an old friend over coffee - plain, old, instant coffee. Red Heart Rum would bring out the goods instead. #LIVEWITHHEART
You could have a quiet drink at home. Red Heart Rum would get everyone involved - first round's on them ;) #LIVEWITHHEART
You could order your favourite grub for the twentieth time. Jean-marc Johannes would go off the menu. #LIVEWITHHEART
You could have a beer. Again. Because that's what you always have. Red Heart Rum would try something a little fruitier. #LIVEWITHHEART
You could have a beer. Again. Because that's what you always have. Red Heart Rum would try something a little fruitier. #LIVEWITHHEART
You could keep things beige and boring. Falko one would go bright and bold. #LIVEWITHHEART
You could see the sights strolling around. Jean-marc Johannes would do it on four wheels. You know. To see more. #LIVEWITHHEART
Fam, meet KWESTA, Kwesta meet our fam. This guy is a rap machine. Tag a mate who wants to be him. #LIVEWITHHEART
Meet @Fixin Diaries, crew member #4. These guys aren't your average, lukewarm beer. Tell them. #LIVEWITHHEART
Introducing Falko one, crew member #3. If you don't know him already, we judge you a little bit. Wave. #LIVEWITHHEART
This is Jean-marc Johannes, crew member #2. He does tricks that would make your mom stay awake at night. Say hi to Jean Marc. #LIVEWITHHEART