Red Heart Rum
yesterday at 09:00. Facebook
Are you more a Spiced with Ginger Ale or a Spiced and Cola kind of guy?
Red Heart Rum
01/17/2017 at 09:00. Facebook
Just how we like our Red Heart: On ice.
Red Heart Rum
01/14/2017 at 09:00. Facebook
Make Saturday that much better with a perfectly curated playlist, a just-lit braai, and Red Heart on ice.
Forget Friday the 13th. We're just glad it's weekend. Pour yourself some Red Heart!
Whether you're having a few between friends, or from behind the bar, please enjoy Red Heart responsibly this January.
What was your #LIVEWITHHEART moment over the December period?
Going back to work after a well-deserved holiday break is never easy. Think back to the good times, and then play them over again this weekend. #LIVEWITHHEART
#ThrowbackThursday to last month's epic #KinkyAfro event at Shimmy Beach Club.
What the craziest office prank you've ever pulled on your colleagues?
Tonight, we party. #NewYears
Serving Suggestion: Red Heart.
Season's Greetings! Did you receive a bottle of Red Heart this morning? ;)
It's time to set that out-of-office message and #LIVEWITHHEART with family and friends. Cheers to the holidays!
It's officially the longest day of the year which means more chill time, more holiday cheer, and more Red Heart moments!
Find somewhere to chill, invite those closest to you and have an absolute blast. It's December and the sun's out. #LIVEWITHHEART.
What will you be leaving out for Santa this Christmas? We're all for Red Heart and cookies by the fireplace.
#ThrowbackThursday to #KinkyAfro earlier this month.

Thanks for showing us how you #LIVEWITHHEART on the dance floor!
Try something new this Summer holiday. If you're heading to the coast, make sure you Surf With Heart. #LIVEWITHHEART ;)
When was the last time you had success with a pick-up line? #LIVEWITHHEART
Get into summer mode. Whether that means just leaving the comfort of your own home or venturing into the unknown, make sure you #LIVEWITHHEART while you do.