Red Hot Chilli Pipers
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Who wants to challenge us...??!
Red Hot Chilli Pipers
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Back in the studio rehearsing for 2017.
What tunes would you like to hear this yesr...?
We played a surprise gig in Aberdeen tonight. Great fun!!!
β€ͺThe winner of our Go-Karting day out went to our trumpet player Douglas West, with Dougie McCance coming 2nd and Gary O'Hagan 3rd!!‬

Did you guess it right..?
We have our Chilli Pipers Christmas Day out today at the Go-Karts!! Who's going to win...?
Please keep voting for us and spread the word. We're currently 1st place above Adele!
We have the best fans!!! Thank you

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Red Hot Chilli Pipers

What a perfect end to our Scottish Tour in Dunfermline last night!!

Thank you everyone for making 2016 our best year yet. We really appreciate all your support.

We will see you in 2017 for more bagrock. Have a good one!
Our SOLD OUT Dunfermline afternoon show yesterday!!
Most watched video from BBC Scotland in 2016 is....
Gary has been our keyboard player for over 7 years and recently got employed by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, so his Chilli Pipers career finished tonight in Dunfermline. We are all extremely pleased for him and know he will be a phenomenal Fireman.

We wish him all the best for his future. He will be greatly missed!

We love you Gary
Ayr, what a great ending to a great day!!!

Unfortunately, our Scottish tour finishes tomorrow in Dunfermline.
Our gig is literally RED HOT tonight!!

Fire alarm went off in Ayr but everyone is safe and back inside.

If you went to the pub, the 2nd half is about to start...
AYR, you guys always blow us away!!

Can't wait to do it all over again at 7;30pm. Who's coming?
Ayr, we're ready for you!!

Doors open @ 2pm & 7:30pm
Played 2 sold out shows in Dumfries today. Thank you everyone that came, we had a ball. Here is the evening show photo.

We had THIS much fun!!

See you tomorrow Ayr...
Dumfries!! What a great sold out show this afternoon.

See you again in 1 hour for more madness!!!!
Kevin was rocking out so much last night in Inverness that his bagpipe bag burst mid-set but thanks to Wallace Bagpipes and Canmore Pipe Bags for the unbelievable, quick service and delivery of 2 new bags to Dumfries!!