Yummm2Go makes it easy to take Red Robin anywhere. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Yummm2Go makes it easy to take Red Robin anywhere. [ Bit.ly Link ]
With three different Tavern Burgers at just $6.99*, there’s something for everyone to celebrate. #LetsBurger
We’re in Miami with Unwrapped host, Marc Summers, for the Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival Heineken Light Burger Bash presented by Schweid & Sons hosted by Team Rachael where we’ll be presenting the Best of the Bash award. Last year’s winning burger inspired our limited time offering Billion Dollar Baby. Stay tuned for this year’s winning burger!
Eating the Billion Dollar Baby is like winning the burger lottery. Especially when it comes with bottomless fries. #LetsBurger
The real American Dream is a $6.99* Tavern Double, and a fry-picket fence. #RedRobin #LetsBurger
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Burgers are delicious
And they are best when eaten with you!
At only 360 calories, we would’ve called it the Resolution Keeper, but Wedgie was just more fun to say. #LetsBurger
The Billion Dollar Baby is topped with truffle cheese, a potato cake and peppered bacon. Every side is its good side. #LetsBurger
Bring the campfire indoors with the new Smoky Jack Tavern Double for just $6.99*. #LetsBurger
A bet is a bet! Our CEO Denny Post just got a burger tattoo, find out why: [ Usat.ly Link ]

Stay tuned here for the first look at Denny’s burger tattoo, coming soon!

Restaurant chain CEO tattooed to hold up her end of bet

Bun or no bun, our tavern burgers are always $6.99* (with bottomless fries, of course). #LoseTheBun
Now you can make any burger bunless, starting at $6.99*. (But only if you want to, of course). #LoseTheBun #LetsBurger
Buns are so 2016. Man buns, burger buns. Let’s lose them all. Give gift cards for your man bun bros! #LoseTheBun

Lose The Bun!

We’re all about losing the bun. Starting with our Tavern Burgers at just $6.99*.
It’s a new year, time to lose the bun. Ask any server about making your burger bunless. Believe us, they’ll be supportive. #LoseTheBun #RedRobin
It’s easy to lose the bun at Red Robin, just ask your server about making any burger bunless. Tag your friends to #LoseTheBun.
Try our Whiskey River Burger, on a lettuce bun. And we’re still keeping those bottomless fries flowing, don’t worry.