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Looks like @caseydonovan is enjoying Red Rooster’s succulent Roast Chicken her way – in a fresh home-made salad. How do you enjoy your Red Rooster favourites ? #winnerwinner
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Congratulations Chaz Mostert! What a Rippa of a race! #WinnerWinner
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Cheese makes everything better. Grab one of Red Rooster’s $5 Feeds and experience 12 of our mouth-watering Cheesy Nuggets for just $5!
Not available in airports, delivery and catering.
Red Rooster
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We've been cooking up a whole new restaurant concept and it's a hit! Check out this awesome article by #winnerwinner [ Link ]
Australia is a nation addicted to the classic roast chicken, and we couldn’t agree more. Check out this article by delicious. Australia #roastchicken #winnerwinner [ Link ]
First we brought you the 12 cheesy nuggets for $5.
NOW HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS, FOLKS as we bring to you our NEW Texas BBQ Roll as part of our crafted range of rolls and wraps.

Now doesn't that just look too good NOT to get one? Available today in-store and delivery. YEHAWWW! [ Link ]
We wanted to say thanks to RADelaide for hosting us and the Supercars this weekend. We've had a super weekend as the Official Chicken of the Supercars. See you next year Adelaide, South Australia!
Congrats to Shane van Gisbergen for being the champion of the last Clipsal 500 Adelaide. You can be a champion too with our $20 chicken and chips, delivered. #WinnweWinner
It's been a scorcher here in Adelaide, we've been roasting in the heat. Just like our $15 chicken and chips pick up at Red Rooster. #WinnerWinner
We're gearing up for the big race this afternoon. You can gear up for your mid afternoon munchies with Red Rooster delivery. #WinnerWinner #VASC

SVG scores pole, Whincup falters in Shootout
The action is exciting, just like you will be if you race into your local Red Rooster for one of our $5 lunch deals: quarter chicken, half Rippa or cheeseburger with chips. #WinnerWinner #VASC

VIDEO: Huge Touring Car Masters crash in Adelaide
No hands! Who are you kidding? You need two hands to eat a Rooster Roll. #WinnerWinner
The sun is out and it's looking at being a Rippa of a day here at the Virgin Australia Supercars Clipsal 500 Adelaide. Race into your local Red Rooster for our $5 Half Rippa lunch deal and be a #WinnerWinner today!
Congratulations to the Saturday #WinnerWinner for the Virgin Australia Supercars Clipsal 500 Adelaide: Shane van Gisbergen. We can't wait to see all of the action tomorrow on track.
The First race of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship is underway! Buckle up for a couple of hours of exhilarating motorsport action. You can be a #WinnerWinner too with our $20 chicken and chips #delivered
Find Reggie and his crew at the Red Rooster Food Truck this weekend at the Clipsal 500 Adelaide. #WinnerWinner
Rippa start to the race by Adam Marjoram. #WinnerWinner

VIDEO: Smith hit hard off the start line
With our Reggie being so busy of late with our home delivery, we feel that he's due for an upgrade on wheels. Now, if he was to deliver in a supercar, which one should it be?