InstaMum Ally (: @islandofsea) took her family's tastebuds on a journey with our irresistible glazes featuring this wonderful Garlic & Soy Glazed Roast Chicken! Thanks for the travel pic #WhatsYourFlavour
Looks like someone is a fan of our Garlic & Soy Glazed Roast Chicken. Can you guess who? Thanks to Lauren and Isabelle (: for sharing this with us. #WhatsYourFlavour #SmilesAllAround
The lovely Jenny at See.Taste.Do is on a roll with another recipie with our Moroccan Glaze Roast Chicken AND our Corn cobs to make this wonderful appetiser. And they say lightning doesn't strike the same place twice. [ Link ] #WhatsYourFlavour
Tuesdays would be a good night to have Tacos for dinner, wouldn't you agree? Thanks to Belly Rumbles for sharing this creation with a different take to have our Moroccan Glazed Roast Chicken #WhatsYourFlavour [ Link ]
Off to do the Sunday shopping? While you're out, why not pick up one of Moroccan Glazed Roast Chicken at one of our stores and whip up this creation shared by The Organised Housewife for lunch today? [ Link ] #WhatsYourFlavour
We have a feeling that this is going to be our year, maybe something to do with it being the Year of the ROOSTER. #OhYeah #YearOfTheRooster #LunarNewYear
Time to have one more picnic with the fam before the kids heads back to school - like what InstaMum Erin ( did recently featuring our Garlic & Soy Glazed Roast Chicken! #WhatsYourFlavour #FamilyTimeIsQualityTime
Hooray for Australia Day, indeed! We hope all you folks out there are enjoying this day in your way - like kicking back with the fam with a picnic (and maybe checking the Cricket score on your phone while you're at it) #RedRoosterLovePicnics #HappyAustraliaDay #OmNomNom
When the mood strikes you to have an impromptu picnic, spend less time prepping your picnic basket and pop into one of our stores - just like what Miss Lucy and Mum Stacey did recently (: @lucyrosebudlips) and got one of our Moroccan Glazed Roast Chickens with all the trimmings. #WhatsYourFlavour
Ding Dong! The Sunday Roast is served. Why cook when you can spend more time with the fam and order in - like what Instablogger (: did recently and got the new Garlic & Soy Glazed Roast Chicken. What are you planning for dinner tonight? #WhatsYourFlavour
What happens when you want a burger and everything else on our menu? You say NUTS TO IT and make your own! That's the case with burger enthusiast @issac_eatsalot did with our Chicken Cheese & Bacon Burger and our new Hickory Smoked BBQ Glazed Roast Chicken and Crunchy Slaw (and a few other things). A creation like this is gonna require bigger hands #WhatsYourFlavour
There are more ways to have our tender loving chicken. Rolling out our new Recipe section is this healthy creation by the lovely Phoodie ( [ Link ] using our Garlic & Soy Glazed Roast Chicken and turning it into this amazing Summer Chicken Salad. #WhatsYourFlavour [ Link ]
Give the chef of your family a night off and order in - like Instamum Foodie Amy (: recently with this Hickory Smoked BBQ Glaze. So, what are you going to have for dinner? #WhatsYourFlavour

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Summer is well and truly here and to cool down, we've rolled out some new desserts such as Darrell Lea Peanut Brittle Ice Cream. However if you prefer to stick to the classics, we've also got $2 Cornetto on offer and our yummy mousse. #WhatsYourFlavour #SweetToothsUnite
School's out for a few more weeks. Treat yourself and the ones you love with our $2 Cornetto either in-store or when you order delivery. #Cornetto #WellThatsDessertSorted