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Red Rooster
01/10/2017 at 23:52. Facebook

That’s how fast Red Rooster delivers your succulent roast chicken. Straight to your door. Find out if we’re delivering to you [ Redrooster.com.au Link ]
Summer is well and truly here and to cool down, we've rolled out some new desserts such as Darrell Lea Peanut Brittle Ice Cream. However if you prefer to stick to the classics, we've also got $2 Cornetto on offer and our yummy mousse. #WhatsYourFlavour #SweetToothsUnite
School's out for a few more weeks. Treat yourself and the ones you love with our $2 Cornetto either in-store or when you order delivery. #Cornetto #WellThatsDessertSorted
We're down to Number One in our countdown to the end of 2016 and by now you're probably thinking "I sure could go for a pineapple fritter". Head into a store now (or you order in) before we close for the night and grab the Tropicana Mega Box to share with your party #HappyNYE #BeTheHeroYourPartyNeeds
Uh oh, it's Seven O'Clock and the party is in full swing and someone at your party has nicked off with the bowl of pretzels. Counting down to number TWO with our Potato Bites. We're still open (but not for much longer) #LetUsCountTheWays #PretzelsAreBoringAnyway #BeTheHeroYourPartyNeeds
Tick tock, tick tock. It's now Six O'Clock. We're still open but not for much longer tonight. Counting down to number THREE with our Amaze Glaze Family Meal with three new glazes to choose from. A meal this size can do with some company #LetUsCountTheWays #BeTheHeroOfTheParty
Not much longer now until the end of 2016. Running out of snacks and can't be bothered going to the store? Counting down to number FOUR with the Dippa & Drink Family Meal (delivery only) #LetusCountTheWays #YesWeDoDeliver
Not that long now until the end of 2016 and you're probably running low on snacks. We're gonna count down over the next few hours before your nearest store closes. Starting off with Number FIVE with our Dippa Box.
With NYE only a few days away, have you thought about what you're going to serve up? We think these would be a real hit (beats having just chips and dip) #BeTheHeroOfYourParty

Red Rooster

It's just not cricket without a pineapple fritter in your lunch this summer. Our Trop Lunch Pack is available in-store from $6 and you get to choose from any of our three new glazes #WhatsYourFlavour #PineappleSummer
Summer is finally here and our chicken is getting a tan with three of our newest glazes - free with any cut roast chicken. Choose from Soy & Garlic, Hickory Smoked BBQ or Moroccan. So what are you going to order tonight? #WhatsYourFlavour

Red Rooster is now delivering, straight to your door. The no fuss dinner can be yours. Find out if we deliver to your area [ Redrooster.com.au Link ]
Tis the season to try something new! Have the night off and order in with this Amaze Glaze Family Meal. Choose from three of our newest glazes on offer from Soy & Garlic, Hickory Smoked BBQ or Moroccan. #WhatsYourFlavour
There's a new flavour in town by the name of Hickory Smoked BBQ hailing from the wild west. Better mosey on down to a Red Rooster near you. #WhatsYourFlavour
We're on a Moroccan roll, baby!! Stay tuned for the next flavour we got coming to you #TwoDownOneMoreToGo #WhatsYourFlavour
The best feast in the East. Stay tuned this week for more flavours coming to you #OneDownTwoMoreToGo
Get that home cooked taste delivered to your door. Red Rooster. Deliciousness. Delivered.