Red vs. Blue
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Red vs. Blue
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The complete unabridged story of #redvsblue (abridged).
Season 15 premieres April 2nd!
Red vs. Blue
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Sarge, is he campaigning for your job AT your funeral? #RvB
I would just like to let everyone know, that I suck. #RvB
This is the best game since Grifball! #RvB
My name is Michael J. Caboose, and I HATE BABIES! #RvB
What kind of animal has tusks? #RedVsBlue
You shot Church, you team killing fucktard! #RvB
Church... You ever wonder why we're here? #RvB
What are you, like a cop or something? #RvB
What if Red vs. Blue was a live action movie? #RvB
Introducing the new writer/director of #RvB, Joe Nicolosi! You may remember him from his episode in #RvB14, The Brick Gulch Chronicles.
That was the worst throw ever... of all time. #RvB
What are they doing? #RvB
#RvB Season 1 intro brings back a lot of memories. Share your favorites with us!
Rockets, and teleporters, and dick punches, OH MY!
Why would they give us a teleporter if it doesn't work? #RedvsBlue
You ever wonder why we're here? #RvB
You do know where the store is, right? #RedvsBlue