Who are the Blues and Reds? #RvB15
Victor Mariscal
Kevin Broderick
Taylor Jacobsen
Do you know the story of Jonah? #RvB15
Erich Fiedler
Brian Jacob Haas
Callon Handy
Nothing better than a beautiful beach vacation! #RvB15
Erich Fiedler
Richard Chang
Michael Marion Lohrenz II
It's summer! Protect your head from the sun on days you choose to go outside with our new cap! But make sure you go BACK inside to watch RvB on Sundays.
Its summer Protect your head from the sun on days you choose
Karissa Laughlin
Madison Martin
Alex Herbruck
It's not pink, it's lightish red!
Marque Kalifa
Caleb Phipps
Tyler Salen
What would bizarro Doc be called?
Richard Chang
Ben Osborne
Rollie Nelson
You leave Blood Gulch for a few years and it really falls to pieces. #RvB15
Collin Simpson
Gian-Tai Chen
Richard Chang
Bow chicka bow wow. #RedVsBlue
Rikki Winger
Judi Nightingale
Edgar Ponce
The first shirt we ever made has returned to our store. Anyone remember this one?
The first shirt we ever made has returned to our store Anyone remember this one
Wayne Weiler
Zachary Nelson
Annie Hoadley
Is anybody here?
Don't miss out on episode 8 of #RvB15 coming to Rooster Teeth FIRST this Sunday!
Rob Wong
Tyler Busch
Mitch Norris
Yoo-hoo! Hello? Anybody there? #RvB15
William Shaw
Brandon Heagy
Cody Padel
My name is Leonard Church, and you will fear my laser face!
Jesse Higgins
Matt Plowright
Brandon Christopher Jones
Ever wonder what the Reds and Blues have been up to since Chorus? #RvB15
Gerardo Nava
Matt Shades Marsh
Travis Palmer
Why donโ€™t you go ahead and check on Red Team. #RvB15
Brad Whitaker
Collin Simpson
Ian Duffield
Jack Rand
Mitch Knoll
Jackson Trinh
Hello? Somebody? Anybody?! #RvB15
Sam Gough
Matty Sparrow
Aaron Ring
I would just like to let everyone know, that I suck. #RedvsBlue
Jacob Rainer
Aik Lorenzen
Havik Vsp
Does the alleged victim have any enemies, archenemies, nemeses or particular peoples of an interesting nature to which the crime may be motivated by whom? #RvB15
Nico King
Fernando Lopez
Caroline Strong
You just got Sarged! #RedvsBlue
Rikki Winger
Dylan Bollman
Blake Garvin
"Filmmaking is all about killing your babies." #RvB15
Andrew Thomas Hedrick
Riley Gilman
Navneet Krishnan