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After all, the most important part of this holiday is the chocolate.

15 Valentine's Day Desserts Worth Falling In Love With

This tutorial from puckerandpout.com is the only contouring how-to you need.
You can't deny Chrissy Teigen had a special glow to her ✨

Is Pregnancy Glow Real? A Visual Investigation Featuring 15 Celebrities

Like, for one, you start using the words "date night" in sentences.

What Date Night Looks Like Before and After You Have Kids

"It hasn't hurt my ability to get girls," he said.

This Guy Got Breast Implants to Win a $100,000 Bet

For starters, Chrissy Teigen does something fascinating with Doritos.

Here's How Chrissy Teigen Really Eats During The Day

Things can get awkward, so here's some help figuring it out. (via PopSugar Moms)

How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex at Every Age

"Monogamous couples could stand to learn a thing or two from those of us forging an alternative path."

How Polyamory Saved My Marriage

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S'mores banana bites are so easy to make, a monkey could do it: [ Rdbk.us Link ] (via Delish)
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