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Don't forget - sale of the special $60 tickets that get you in on Thursday night end Sunday at Midnight! Grab yours here -
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LET"S GIVE AWAY MORE TGW TICKETS! Caption this pic - the best one by midnight Sunday wins TWO FREE PASSES! And remember, presale $60 tix END Sunday at midnight!
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TBT - some rollover action at TGW a few years back. Don't miss out this time - $60 tickets END Sunday at midnight! Get 'em here -
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If you have property in River Ranch, this is probably a good place to look for updates. Our thoughts are with the families that are affected...

River Ranch Property Owners Association, Inc
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Please note if you have property in River Ranch!! [ Link ]
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It's Wash It Wednesday! - Blue Jeep edition... nice!
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Just a reminder - $60 presale TGW tix END THIS SUNDAY! Want to save $$$ AND get in for free on Thursday night? Getcha a ticket before then!
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If you wound up like this at your ex-wife's house this weekend, maybe it's time to re-evaluate your life...... ;-)
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Hope you got some good family time with your kids this weekend! ;-)
Did you know that the company that produces our events is Muddy Water Entertainment? Check 'em out here - we've got a ton of plans for the 2017 year and beyond!
Welcome to our new partner, Chasin Tail! They stepped up to sponsor the Booty Shakin' Contest on Saturday night during TGW - $250 CASH PRIZE at the stage! Check 'em out before ya come - #chasintailapparel Ashley Crouch
Did you know..... we are constantly out working on our park so that we can make your event experience GREAT? Check out these moguls - who wants to hit 'em hard??
Love ya some bad ass buggies like this?? Then come on out to Muddy Water Entertainment's Trucks Gone Wild Spring Break at Redneck Mud Park, March 24 - 26. Show us what ya got!
We have a winner in the Caption This contest! Congrats to Joshua Martin "When you've been planning on coming to redneck mud park for months, and you finally hit that first hole!" Good stuff Joshua - message us to find out how to receive your prize. Thanks to all who entered - who wants to do it one more time??
Did you know that we will have Airboat Drags at Trucks Gone Wild? Yep - and you can bring yours too - test and tune on Friday and races on Saturday! Check it out here and message us for more info! [ Link ]

NAADR Airboat Races

Red Neck Yacht

Caption this pic to win TWO FREE TICKETS to TGW Spring Break on March 24 - 26. Best Caption by midnight Wednesday wins!
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If this is you this morning.... you probably had a good time last night
Doin' something this fun this weekend???