We are so proud of the show we've put together and can't wait to do it again!! 13th of April we are playing in Kyneton grab your tickets and come down and enjoy the night with me! i can't wait to get back infront of the lights and play some tunes with amazing musician and friends see ya there
We are so proud of the show weve put together and cant
Emily Mastin
Liz Moran
Jayne Stewart
Braiden Davis
Liz Moran
Taylah Richardson
Maggie Loveland
Scott Diesel Cameron
Aiden De Villiers
Live at Red Hot Summer Tour Official
Donna Hansford Whiffin
Donna Hansford Whiffin
Jessica Watts
First of the red hot summer shows for us today, just sound check and the people are rolling in can't wait to get it going, we're on stage at 2:30 QLD time and we're going to go live on Facebook so have a click and let us know how we're going!!!! This is gonna be next level people ahhhhhh!!
First of the red hot summer shows for us today just sound
Christina Matley
Donna Fuller
Chantelle Barnes
Driving Adelaide to Melbourne for final preps for the red hot summer shows, I'm so proud and excited to play with so many amazing Australia artists and there's no better way off taking that in than driving through such a beautiful place like the one we call home!! Come on down and have one of the best nights of the year with us and again thanks for having us !!! Regional Touring PremierArtists
Driving Adelaide to Melbourne for final preps for the red hot summer
Emily Mastin
Michelle Richer
Liz Moran
We've been in the rehearsals studio all day and I've gotta say the lads I'm working with are incredible at what they do like next level talented, I'm very blessed to have friends like these, come down to @chapeloffchapel on Sunday the 15th it's gonna be a night I'll remember for a long time, hopefully you will too :)
Melanie Rose
Ged Stokes
Sharon O Doherty
I'm playing at the chapel on chapel in Melbourne on the 15th of Jan, I'm putting a set list together and well this ones just fun, Chris Young - Save Water Drink Beer. Let me know if you want it to be part of the set and Melbourne! Grab your tickets for the show it's gonna be a special one, im already so pumped just to rehearse it :). [ Bit.ly Link ]
Chapel Off Chapel
Paige Savana Hughes
Liz Moran
We wanna end the year in style and this show, is gonna be a new level!!! Can't wait to sing with the other lads and an amazing! band, please come down and have a wild night out with me! We Gotta end the year on fire
We wanna end the year in style and this show is gonna
Terryn Purser
Chelsea Atkins
Lorri Ellen Doula
Maren Morris- my church. I love this chick and I love this song so let me know what you think!
Ron Jacobson
Megan May Summers
Melanie Rose
Here's a cover of swing life away by rise against, I sang this at my friends wedding as she walked down the aisle, congratulations Laura and Cam love ya both
Kelly Taylor
Liz Moran
Danielle Read
Foy Vance -Cassanova, went a little more nowadays for this one, I really love this dude he's a great writer and artist and the albums great. Go grab it! :) I need some ideas for next week so hit me up with some suggestions love you all :) hope you like it as much as we love playing it
Ryan Rhys
Maxine Atkins
Donella Sayre
Guns and Roses-Night Train, a few of you asked for a gunners tune so we did this and put a little twist on it, let me know what you think and I need some more ideas for another cover this week so chuck us so ideas, Love ya xx
Chelsea Atkins
Jemima Patterson
Samantha Stirling
Hard days night with this sexy bunch, awesome couple nights playing with Elly May at Lizottes! Gonna get another cover up in a couple days:) love you all
Reece Mastin
Rachel Forgione
Rachel Forgione
Last set of the night at Eschalot & E2 Events
Deb Mastin
Deb Mastin
Liv Mastin
As per request, by I can't remember who, put very quick attempt of Hotel California with olde mitcho and bards:) let me know what you think :)
Adam West
Carolyn Wilson
John Moore
Patrica Moore
Monique Brooksby
Deb Mastin
Deb Mastin
Deb Mastin
Olivia Coll