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Topical Librarians - making learning more fun since 2017
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Talking about Pancake Day at work like...
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Remember: the first opportunity that comes up won’t always be the right one [ Link ]
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Need a new job? 260,000 opportunities to start over available now...

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'Where is this going?' - and is your career relationship working out

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Where is this going (and how to tell if you need a break) |
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Six tips to help you get into tech - no experience necessary
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How to: Get a job in tech (without any experience) |
Unfortunately, not every job can be 'the one'...

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Six reasons you didn't get the job |
The best flowchart you'll see today (maybe):
Step aside Cupid…
A handy guide to impressing your work crush this Valentine's day (you're welcome)
Dumbledore AKA Worst. Headmaster. Ever.

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Argos, Shazam, Tesla & more.

Here are some of the top companies hiring right now... [ Link ] #lovemondays

The top companies hiring in February 2017 |
Our blogger, Lydia Randall, on learning how to turn a loss into something positive...

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The Gradlife - How to turn a loss into a win |
Starting February like…

#DryJanuary #ByeJanuary #HelloFebruary
Turned down after an interview? Try focusing on the negatives...

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How to: Deal with interview rejection |
Because life's too short to be stuck in the wrong job...

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