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360 VIDEO of hook slice maneuver on tornadic supercell in Dixie Alley on Tuesday evening north of Jackson, MS with likely tornado developing on the other side of hook to my southeast. Also note the hail swath at the end. 360fly AccuWeather
Looks like the lake effect snow machine is going to ramp up in a big way by midweek especially northern Great Lakes region. This will be my next chase target. Back to winter
360 video of supercell #1 from Dixie Alley tornado outbreak on Tuesday. This storm passed from Port Gibson through south of Jackson, MS. Note the complex storm chasing terrain in Dixie. You only get 1-2 shots per storm at being in position
A few frame captures from 360 video of supercell #1 of tornado outbreak in Dixie AlleyTuesday. This storm was just SW of Jackson, MS here
Beautiful sunset with bridge over Mississippi River tonight!
Terrifying scenes of the wildfire in Gatlinburg, TN when it broke out a few nights ago
Road still closed into Gatlinburg, TN but they are hoping to allow business owners in tomorrow. Pray for the residents here
Supercell water spout making landfall Wednesday afternoon near Destin, FL:
Dangerous tornado warned storm heading for the south side of Greenville, SC just S of where my mom lives
UPDATE: storm north of Eufala, Al looks to be trying to become more inflow dominant
Watching two areas for tornado potential in AL: 1. SW of Montgomery as line is breaking up. 2. Prefrontal isolated cells in S AL
Strong wind shear remains along and ahead of line of storms from eastern AL down to S LA. Embedded supercells possible
Multiple reports of damages were reported in the Southeast following tornadoes and heavy winds on Tuesday.

3 killed in Alabama after tornadoes plague the Deep South

Followed this supercell from west of Mississippi River through western Alabama, from north of Vicksburg, MS thru N of Fayette, AL.