BE THERE this spring!
VIDEO: sure is nice to see snowflakes after all this ice, but I70 in northwest KS is getting slick as temps fall again
Panorama of prairie vegetation frozen solid under an inch of freezing rain near Buffalo, OK yesterday
VIDEO: freezing fog / rain continues in northwest KS just southeast of Hays! Heading W toward wrap-around snow AccuWeather
Check out this awesome time-lapse of supercell yesterday near Sonora, TX from storm chaser John Rich [ Link ]

Storm Chase: Supercell in Sonora, TX 1/15/2017

Supercell Sonora, TX

Incredible capture of tornado this morning NW of Houston, TX

WATCH: Small tornado touches down on I-45
Live from Great Bend, KS this morning covering #icestorm for AccuWeather
Wrap-around snow in northwest KS is next!
New TORNADO WARNING now includes Katy to Brookshire, TX just west of Houston!
TORNADO WARNING just north of Houston will impact Spring to Porter Heights, TX over the next 15 min
Tornado threat has passed for now in the DFW area. Just severe T'STORM warning includes downtown Dallas
CONFIRMED tornado will pass just east of Arlington, TX!
Likely tornado heading to between Arlington and Grand Prairie, TX any minute! Time 825 pm
360 degree video: Destructive ice storm from Woodward, OK to Coldwater, KS
Possible #tornado just SW of Grandview, TX will impact the city any minute! Time 728 pm
Likely #tornado will pass near Covington, TX then Grandview, TX next! Take cover now in path. Time 710 pm
CONFIRMED #TORNADO will pass just north of Whitney, TX any minute!
More ice storm insanity. Long night ahead for much of Kansas [ Link ]

Over an inch of ice accumulation in the heartland
Main "wave" of freezing rain is impinging on southwest KS and heading northeast overnight
TORNADO WARNING for supercell just west of Waco, TX heading toward Valley Mills!
Watch this supercell heading toward Camp Wood, TX! Only storm with tornado potential this evening