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Don't miss Autopsy: Bob Marley tonight at 8ET/PT.
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Dr. Hunter stopped by Celebrity Page TV to give us a hint of what to expect from Autopsy: Bob Marley tomorrow at 8ET/PT.
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Bob Marley looked healthy from the outside, but inside his body was fighting a losing battle.
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There's evil and then there's Charles Manson.
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In honor of Presidents Day, watch Reagan: From Movie Star to President tonight at 8ET/PT. Until then, test your political smarts with our Celebrity to Politician quiz.

QUIZ: Celebrity to Politician
Kurt Cobain would have turned 50 on Monday. We take a look at his life, death and legacy tonight starting at 8ET/PT with an all new Autopsy.
axs has an exclusive sneak peek at tonight's all new Autopsy. Check it out here.

Exclusive video: Reelz explores 'The Last Hours of Kurt Cobain'
Dr. Hunter gave Celebrity Page TV a peak at tomorrow night's all new Autopsy.
Leonard Maltin and Grae Drake square off with their Oscar® thoughts tomorrow at 7am ET. Yes, it's early, so set your DVR.

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To this day, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain.
If you missed the premiere, you have another chance to watch Autopsy: Bobbi Kristina Brown tonight at 9ET/PT.
Chris Farley is just one of the comedy greats we lost too soon. Tune in for an evening looking at the lives and deaths of Farley, Phil Hartman and John Belushi tonight starting at 7ET/4PT.
Autopsy is all new tonight with a look into the tragic life of Bobbi Kristina Brown.