Just hanging out ... ⛰✨ #YogaRetreat #NewZealand Thank you Aro Hā! Molly R. Stern Makeup
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What an incredible experience I had at Aro Hā wellness center in South Island NZ!! The amazing yoga (thank you Damian!), the delicious vegan meals, and the incredible spa treatments were unreal! So grateful for this beautiful experience! ✨
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#MondayMuse can come in all ages, shapes and sizes...including this lil gem of a lady! ❤ Love this gal, Storm Reid! #AWrinkleInTime #NZAdventure
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So excited that #BigLittleLies premieres tonight on HBO!!! Look at this lovely group of humans! I'm so thankful I got to work with them. We became one big, happy, messy family while filming! Tune in tonight y'all!! ❤
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Every corner I turn, it just keeps getting prettier! #NewZealand
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Ladies night in #NZ #GNO
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This author, Ruth Ware sure knows how to write a page turner!!! #TheWomanInCabin10 is an edge of your seat thriller set on the most beautiful yacht in the world ... Full of great characters and a great final twist. Y'all should check it out! #RWBookClub
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Couldn't be more excited to discover #NewZealand with this lady!!! Mindy Kaling
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Excited to share Draper James' new Celebration Collection with y'all
Love my Valentine ! He makes me laugh & smile everyday! I'm a very lucky girl! Love you JT! #ValentinesDay
Good morning #NewZealand!!! #PinchMe #ImDreaming
Thank you Good Morning America! Had a lot of fun interviewing my friend and co-star Nicole Kidman. And don't forget to tune in to #BigLittleLies to become part of the girls club

'Big Little Lies' co-stars Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon interview each other

Since it’s Feb. 14th in #NewZealand ... Happy #ValentinesDay!!! Sending love and kisses to all y’all state side! ❤ (: Draper James)
Jet lag got me like ... #NapTime #NewZealand
Watch out New Zealand! We're heeeeeerrrree & Ready to :
1. Hike these mtns
2. Snuggle some sheep
3. Meet awesome Kiwis
Mindy Kaling