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En mas de 50 ciudades este fin de semana, miles de personas se unieron para prometer que lucharan por los inmigrantes y los refugiados. Mira los rostros e historias de muchos que salieron a manifestar su fuerza y valentía!

Si quieres comprometerte a luchar y proteger a los inmigrantes y refugiados, ENVIA por mensaje de texto la palabra JUSTICE al 698-66 ahora con tu celular.

Los rostros de los inmigrantes que en más de 50 ciudades dijeron 'Estamos aquí para quedarnos' (FOTOS) - Univision

"As we celebrate this #MLKDay & his unrelenting commitment to civil rights, let’s remember to stand w/immigrants."

Ask your friends and family stand up for immigrants and refugees! It's simple: TELL them to TEXT from their cellphone the worst JUSTICE to 698-66 to join our action list

Stand With Immigrants This MLK Day

Today we commemorate Dr. King Day by remembering his legacy, & continuing to walk in his footsteps organizing for dignity & justice for all!

Our fight for immigrant rights is a fight for justice for all. TEXT the word JUSTICE to 698-66 if you agree!
Estamos listos para proteger la comunidad inmigrante de deportaciones. Estamos listos para proteger #DACA. Estamos listos para defender los refugiados. Las familias inmigrantes están aquí y no nos vamos!

Y tu? Juntos podemos superarlo todo! COMPARTE este grafico y ENVIA por mensaje de texto la palabra JUSTICIA al number 698-66 si estas listo para defender inmigrantes y refugiados contra el...
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We're ready to protect all the immigrant community from deportations. We're ready to protect DACA. We're ready to protect refugees. Immigrant families are #HereToStay

SHARE & TEXT the word JUSTICE to 698-66 if you're ready to protect immigrants and refugees too!
Yesterday, our friends at Voces de la Frontera also marched and rallied to protect immigrants and refugees! Here is Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic announcing a Resistance to Trump resolution in the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, which will be officially announced on January 25th. Milwaukee County will be a sanctuary for immigrants and all targeted by Trump!!

Text the...
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Live from the D.C. #HereToStay rally! Text the word JUSTICE to 698-66 to show your support for immigrants and refugees right now! And you, why do you support immigrants and refugees? Tell us in the comments!

ENVÍA la palabra JUSTICIA to 698-66 ahora mismo para apoyar a los inmigrantes y refugiados. Y tu por que apoyas a los inmigrantes y refugiados? Dinos en los comentarios!
We're here with Marybeth Maxwell and Javier from HRC to talk about #hereToStay Jan 14th events!
We're with Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood. She's a powerful leader in the women's rights movement joining the Jan 14th #HereToStay events. Watch now! #live
Mañana, el 14 de enero, miles se unirán para defender la dignidad y derechos de inmigrantes. Trump ha amenazado directamente a nuestras comunidades. Nosotros vamos a decirle a su administración de odio que ¡Aquí estamos y nos quedaremos!

Únete con un evento en tu ciudad y declara que apoyas a los inmigrantes y refugiados! #HereToStay

Grupos proinmigrantes protestarán contra las posibles deportaciones masivas de Trump

LIVE: Over 75 Iowans and national allies, including NAACP president Cornell Brooks, have entered Senator Chuck Grassley's office in Iowa to demand that he #StopSessions!

You can support them by CALLING 888-704-9446 NOW and telling key senators to OPPOSE Jeff Sessions for Attorney General!
Desiree Armas is DACA-mented, her parents are undocumented and her sister is a citizen and after the election, their entire future has been on pause. Fearing Trump's deportation pledges, the Armas family will travel to Washington, D.C. on January 14th for one of over 50 events nationwide to stand in unity with immigrants, refugees, and allies.

Will you be joining them this Saturday, January...
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Trump's Promises Of Deportations Create Uncertainty For N.J. Family

We must build sanctuary spaces and deportation defense networks to keep millions out of Trump’s deportation machine. Join us this January 14th to take action and declare immigrants are #HereToStay!

Find a January 14th Here To Stay event in your city! RSVP at the website below or as always you can text JUSTICE to 698-66 for more updates.

Together to Protect Immigrants & Refugees

Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez afirma que no asistirá a la toma de posesión de Trump y apoyará la marcha de inmigrantes este sábado el 14 de enero.

Únete a familias inmigrantes y el 14 de enero di que aquí estamos y nos quedaremos #heretostay! ENVIA la palabra JUSTICIA a 698-66 para buscar un evento en tu ciudad.

El congresista Luis Gutiérrez no asistirá a la toma de posesión de Donald Trump

Florida is preparing for their for January 14th #HereToStay events, but they are also using this moment of unity to bring awareness to the alarming rise in immigrant detention in their communities.

CHECK OUT more below about Florida's January 14th actions and the importance of standing with immigrants and refugees on a national scale.

As Trump Inauguration Looms, Immigrants Stand Up To Private Prison Industryl

During the hearings, Senator Dick Durbin questions Jeff Sessions on the fate of young immigrants if #DACA is repealed and Sessions's extensive history on voting against immigration reform measures.

Sessions has long history of being racist and anti-immigrant. He's a dangerous pick for Attorney General and we must continue to CALL 888-704-9446 and urge our senators to OPPOSE Sessions!

Dick Durbin Doubts Trump's AG Pick Would Be 'Fair And Humane' On Immigration

Nine busloads with immigrant activists will come from New York to DC this Saturday, January 14th, to make their voices heard on immigration before the inauguration. They'll be joining one of more than 50 events nationwide planned to protect and support immigrants and refugees.

Find a January 14th #HereToStay event in your city! RSVP at togetherforimmigrants.com or as always you can text...
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Immigrants Head to Washington to Rally While Obama Is Still There

El 14 de enero, miles se unirán para defender la dignidad y derechos de inmigrantes. Trump ha amenazado directamente a nuestras comunidades. Nosotros vamos a decirle a su administración de odio que ¡Aquí estamos y nos quedaremos!

Únete con un evento en tu ciudad el 14 de enero y declara que los inmigrantes estamos aquí para quedarnos #HereToStay!

Together to Protect Immigrants & Refugees

Earlier Today: Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez spoke on the House floor about what to expect from the incoming Trump administration, immigration, and January 14 events happening all around the country. Thank you Congressman Gutierrez for sharing our efforts!

RSVP for an event in your city today: togetherforimmigrants.com or you can always text JUSTICE to 698-66 for updates in your area!...
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We’re live with Isaias who was arrested yesterday after protesting against the nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. CALL 888-704-9446 right now to tell key Senators to OPPOSE Jeff Session’s nomination! Let’s support Isaias and all the other courageous supporters who are fighting back against Session’s anti-immigrant and racist agenda! #StopSessions #Live #DACA