Religious leaders in Southern California are creating a network to protect undocumented immigrants. ICE's ability to search and detain in places of worship are typically limited, but under Trump many are worried that policy could change quickly. By using private residences, there are certain protections that public spaces simply don't have.

This administration's policies impact the lives of...
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These religious leaders are creating a new underground system to shelter undocumented immigrants
Across the country, immigrants sought out their representatives at town halls this week to confront them on how Trump's policies are directly impacting communities. However, instead of facing their constituents, many GOP representatives were nowhere to be found.

We need to hold elected officials accountable! Tell Speaker Ryan that he needs to reject Trump's deportation force and stop the...
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Immigrants to Republicans: Meet us before you deport us
Rep. Adriano Espaillat from New York is the first Dominican-American member of Congress and himself a former undocumented immigrant in the U.S. He said of Trump's memos, "Are we a country of deportation or are we a country of aspirations?"

Trump and the administration's policies impact the lives of real people. Text JUSTICE to 698-66 to join our action network for ways you can support...
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First formerly undocumented immigrant congressman weighs in on Trump's deportation memos
¡Victoria por Texas! El alguacil del condado Harris, Ed González, elimino 287g que invirtió más de 675,000 dólares para que oficiales locales participen como agentes de ICE dentro de la cárcel.

Debemos demandar la seguridad y protección de todas nuestras comunidades. FIRMA esta peticion para decirle a tu alcalde que apoye ciudades santuarios:

Alguacil del condado Harris en Texas elimina contrato de cooperación con ICE
Deportation has always been a threat for many undocumented immigrants, but now under Trump, people are fearing the worst.

This is no way to live. Tell Speaker Ryan that he needs to reject Trump's deportation force and stop the raids now! [ Link ] #NoBanNoWallNoRaids

Immigrants Hide, Fearing Capture on ‘Any Corner’
Yesterday, the Trump Administration moved to roll back a federal policy that protects trans and gender non-conforming students. Several state and local officials acted quickly to ensure that they would continue to protect trans students from discrimination.

We're in a time where our we must continuously show up for each other. To our trans and gender non-conforming community: we see you, we...
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States Vow To Keep Protecting Transgender Students After Trump Rolls Back Rules
President Trump has declared war on immigrants, our families and our communities. Through executive orders, he vastly expanded the group of immigrants considered priorities for deportation, ordering agents to arrest any undocumented immigrants they encounter.

Speaker Ryan said just in January that there would be no such deportation force coming after immigrants. SIGN the petition below to...
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Tell Paul Ryan: Stop The Raids! - Reform Immigration FOR America
Iliana Guadalupe Pérez, una joven con DACA, compartió una conversación muy seria que tuvo con sus padres este fin de semana pasado.

El plan de la familia Pérez consistió en los siguientes pasos:
- Conocer tus derechos.
- Memorizar y escribir los números de teléfono de abogados y organizaciones proinmigrantes.
- Memorizar y escribir los números de teléfono de la familia en México.
- Ahorrar...
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Joven Soñadora invita a familias sin papeles a prepararse ante posible deportación | La Opinión
A 26-year-old undocumented woman is detained in Texas, despite having been diagnosed with a likely fatal brain tumor. Trump's new priorities of incriminating undocumented immigrants will only surface more stories like this in the months to come.

This is truly heartbreaking. Tell Speaker Ryan that he needs to reject Trump's deportation force and stop the raids now: [ Link ]...
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Undocumented Woman With a Brain Tumor Locked Up by ICE
Homeland Security's Secretary Kelly released a series of memos recently that implicates almost any undocumented immigrant as a priority for deportation. This is a drastic change from what we've seen in the past, and is by any means Trump's plan for a full-functioning deportation force.

An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. Tell Speaker Ryan that he needs to reject Trump's...
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Mr. Trump’s ‘Deportation Force’ Prepares an Assault on American Values
"Adriana had long looked forward to her 16th birthday — but when the date finally arrived, she celebrated not at home with her family and friends, but in a Texas center for immigrants that felt more like a prison."

READ and SHARE the story of Adriana, a young teen who was stuck living in a detention center for over a year with her family. Her family's case is still pending, and one fear has...
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What It’s Like to Be a Teen Living in an Immigration Detention Center
Hoy el Departamento de Seguridad Nacional publico sus nuevos planes para llevar a cabo la fuerza de deportación de Trump! Estos planes le permiten a agentes de ICE detener de todo aquel que no cuente con documentos en Estados Unidos, sin importar cuánto tiempo hayan estado aquí, cuán fuertes sean sus vínculos familiares, ni cuánto contribuyan al país. Debemos de luchar para proteger a todos...
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Gobierno de Trump marca directrices para acelerar deportaciones masivas | La Opinión
Tomorrow, all over the US, faith, immigrant, and refugee leaders and their allies will visit Members of Congress in-district during their President’s Day Recess. Over 45 events are scheduled to stand up to President Trump’s discriminatory and unjust immigration policies.

Find an event that you can join near your city in the link below! Make sure to bring a few friends! #WeAreAllAmerica...
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We Are All America Day of Action
Make sure to watch to the end and share widely. Every moment shows the reality of the lives of many immigrants and their loved ones in this moment. Created by Frank Chi and Kica Matos.

We're living in a time in which this administration's immigration policies are creating fear in our communities. These policies will tear families apart and send terrified parents and children fleeing in...
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These fourth and fifth graders from Texas have powerful messages for President Trump on his immigration policies. They ask for him to think of the security of their families, friends, and humanity.

Trump and the administration's policies impact the lives of real people. Text JUSTICE to 698-66 to join our action network for ways you can support immigrants and refugees in your community....
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Parece mucho más tiempo, pero tan solo un mes que Donald Trump asumió la presidencia de EEUU. Los primeros 30 días de Trump en la Casa Blanca han sido el arranque más tumultuoso de cualquier administración del último medio siglo.

Nos enfrenta mucho más con Trump, y tenemos que unirnos y estar atentos para tomar acción. ENVIA un mensaje de texto con la palabra JUSTICIA al número 698-66 con tu...
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El intenso mes que hemos vivido con el presidente Donald Trump en la Casa Blanca
Trump's immigration policies and tactics abandon common sense and thrive on fear. In all of this, we must remember that the real power lies in the hands of the people! When we continue to protest and demand that our local elected officials protect immigrants and refugees, we can fight back against Trump's anti-immigrant ways.

You can urge your local elected officials to take action. SIGN...
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Breaking the Anti-Immigrant Fever
ICYMI: Last week, celebrities and activists alike took to the internet to write love letters to immigrants on valentine's day. Some shared memories, photos, handwritten letters, with the ultimate goal of showing immigrants and refugees that we are all welcome here.

More than ever, we need to stand together in the face of adversity. Text JUSTICE to 698-66 to join our action network for more...
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Celebrities And Activists Share Letters #ToImmigrantsWithLove On Twitter
Un ataque contra uno de nosotros es un ataque contra todos nosotros. Las ciudades de santuario simplemente construyen comunidades más seguras para todos nosotros, y permiten que policía local trabajen sin tener que actuar como agentes de ICE. Sin estas políticas, las comunidades inmigrantes son vulnerables a la discriminación racial, la detención y la deportación.

Debemos demandar la...
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Protect Sanctuary Cities and Immigrants! - Reform Immigration FOR America
DHS Secretary Kelly has signed memos enforcing new guidelines that will:
- Hire thousands more ICE agents
- Expand criteria for immigrants that are prioritized for deportation
- Speed up deportation hearings and use local law enforcement for help
These new enforcement guidelines are a dramatic shift in immigration policy, and greatly expand the scope of immigration enforcement.

More than...
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Memos signed by DHS secretary describe sweeping new guidelines for deporting illegal immigrants