As we honor Dr. King today as a paragon of freedom, we reflect on his powerful words & strive to embrace his vision of a unified America.
As we honor Dr King today as a paragon of freedom we
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In 15 days, let's turn the page...
Reince Priebus 01/05/2017
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Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
Merry Christmas from our family to yours
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Congrats to Donald J. Trump, now officially President-elect! I look forward to him taking the oath of office on January 20th.
Congrats to Donald J Trump now officially Presidentelect I look forward to
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The intruders failed to get past security defenses on the RNC’s computer networks, the officials said.
Reince Priebus 12/16/2016

Republican National Committee Security Foiled Russian Hackers
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I wish everyone a warm and happy Thanksgiving, and hope all Americans have a joyful time celebrating with family and friends. The Thanksgiving tradition was inaugurated by the Pilgrims as an expression of gratitude for a fruitful harvest, and this holiday endures as a time when Americans can pause and be grateful for what we have. As we reunite with loved ones, watch football, and enjoy a meal...
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I wish everyone a warm and happy Thanksgiving and hope all Americans
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