As we honor Dr. King today as a paragon of freedom, we reflect on his powerful words & strive to embrace his vision of a unified America.
In 15 days, let's turn the page...
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
Congrats to Donald J. Trump, now officially President-elect! I look forward to him taking the oath of office on January 20th.
The intruders failed to get past security defenses on the RNC’s computer networks, the officials said.

Republican National Committee Security Foiled Russian Hackers
I wish everyone a warm and happy Thanksgiving, and hope all Americans have a joyful time celebrating with family and friends. The Thanksgiving tradition was inaugurated by the Pilgrims as an expression of gratitude for a fruitful harvest, and this holiday endures as a time when Americans can pause and be grateful for what we have. As we reunite with loved ones, watch football, and enjoy a meal...
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Today we express our deepest gratitude to all those who have served in our armed forces. Our veterans’ solemn duty of defending our nation, which has often entailed profound sacrifices, has allowed us to live as a free people, and today we hope all Americans take time to say thank you.
Congratulations to President-elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence on their historic win! We did it!
I voted Republican.

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America needs you to go vote. The fate of our country depends upon your vote. Confirm your polling location: [ Link ]

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This election will decide not only the Presidency, but control of the House and Senate. It’s just too important for you to sit out. We want to make sure you don’t get left out of this critical election - so we made this easy to use tool to help find your polling place.

Find Your Polling Place Here
We were told the law would lower premiums and out of pocket costs, that we could keep our doctor and health care plans, and that more competition would lead to greater choice among insurance providers.

The ObamaCare Disaster: Designed By Clinton And Obama
Our country deserves better than the same old failed policies. Be a voter this year: [ VOTE.GOP Link ]
The fact that Hillary Clinton's top aide and attorney was granted immunity by the FBI is shocking. We now know it wasn’t mere IT staffers that were given a pass, but individuals at the highest levels of this dangerous scheme that jeopardized national security. Not only was Cheryl Mills granted immunity, but she was allowed to advise Hillary Clinton during her own questioning by the FBI. Given...
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Together we'll #MakeAmericaGreatAgain!
Millions of Americans are supporting Donald J. Trump because they are sick of corrupt career politicians like Hillary Clinton who slander people just because they don't support her. The truly deplorable thing in this race is the shameful level of condescension and disrespect Hillary Clinton is showing to her fellow citizens.
Today we solemnly commemorate a hallowed day in American history when the high character of our people was displayed. Although the pain of loss on that day will never fade for some, the heroic actions of so many first responders, police, firefighters, and ordinary Americans who gave their own lives to save others stand as a testament to uncommon courage and patriotism. We honor all those who...
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Donald J. Trump’s plan to give parents a real choice in their children’s education stands in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton’s pledge to fight for the interests of unions and government bureaucrats.