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The release of the President’s FY18 budget last week provides an opportunity to highlight the critical importance of longstanding U.S. leadership in the ...

Protecting America's Bipartisan Legacy of Fighting Global Hunger
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A small investment with big returns: from women's empowerment to fighting famine, US #ForeignAid costs only 1 penny per taxpayer dollar. #worththepenny
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Happiness is: Taking pride in your schoolwork #InternationalDayOfHappiness #refugees #Jordan
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Happiness is: Safe drinking water for all #InternationalDayOfHappiness #refugees #Lebanon
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Happiness is: Community support for girls' education #InternationalDayOfHappiness #Somalia
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Happiness is: Clean hands! #InternationalDayofHappiness #Myanmar #hygiene #WASH
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Aiming to rewrite the #refugee narrative in the U.S., Eat Offbeat is publishing a book featuring chef refugees, with 80 recipes and stories representing at least 20 chefs hailing from 15 different countries.

Supporting This Cookbook Is A Small Step Toward Helping Refugees
LISTEN: The latest episode of Hacking Hunger, via the World Food Programme, discusses the unspeakable picture of famine in South Sudan.

Hacking Hunger Episode #18: The F-Word
At least 652 children were killed in 2016, the worst year of the #SyriaCrisis for children so far, via NPR & UNICEF.

2016 Was Worst Year Yet For Children Caught In Syria's War, UNICEF Says
With your help, we deliver life-saving services to Syrian #refugees. Together, we fuel hope. #SyriaCrisis #Syria
Building futures through innovation: Our partner, Start Network, tells the story of our social innovation labs in a #refugee camp in #Jordan. We’re proud to help kids affected by the #SyriaCrisis connect with their aspirations:

Building futures through innovation
With help from Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance, RI provides medical supplies, health services & clean water to health care facilities in #Syria. Together, we reduce the burden of sickness and hunger.

Health Care and Clean Water for Conflict-affected Syrians
Roughly 100,000 Syrian #refugees live in camps in #Jordan, where over 50% of the residents are children. Some of these children have been out of school for years.

With help from UNICEF USA, RI will reach 11,200 students struggling to keep up by offering remedial classes in math, science, Arabic and English.

Education for Syrian Refugees
"I hope to become a doctor so I can help our society." -- Reem, a young #Syrianrefugee we support in Jordan's Azraq camp. She is one of 4.9 Syrians who are now #refugees after six years of conflict.
Refugees make up about 1/4 of Lebanon’s population. Our CASH programs are helping Syrian #refugees maintain their dignity & advance their futures. #SyriaCrisis

Cash and Communication for Protection
With food an impossibly scarce commodity in drought-stricken Somalia, Fatuma Abdille faces a harrowing choice every day: Which of her seven children will get to eat?

Abdille’s 9-year-old son has been giving up his share of food so his younger siblings won’t suffer. “He is making a sacrifice,” his mother said with sadness.

In Drought-Stricken Somalia, Starving Mothers Forced To Choose Which Child To Feed
We served 3.6 million people in some of the world’s most fragile settings in 2016. #MondayMotivation. Our mission: [ Link ]
States that have launched legal challenges to Trump's revised travel ban: Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts & Hawaii.

Trump travel ban: Judge declines to reinstate ruling - BBC News
Amina Dahir, a mother in her 30s, travelled for two days and two nights to get to Caynabo after the last remnants of the family’s livestock perished. She was accompanied by her six children and other relatives.

“People are coming every day like us, carrying what little belongings they have. But there is nothing here for us – nothing to eat, nowhere to go,” she says, holding up the empty bowl...
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'Where is the help?': black tea and dark despair as Somalia edges closer to famine