Remington Arms Company
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Kat with a Remington 870 and a nice drake mallard! #Remington Kat Haas Outdoors
Remington Arms Company
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When properly cared for, guns can last generations and here are some of the best to pass on (especially number's 3, 7, 10 & 13)! #Remington

20 Guns Good Enough to Hand Down to the Next Generation
Remington Arms Company
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Seems appropriate today... Deadliest Mushroom In The Clover! #remingtonammo #corelokt #happysaintpatricksday
Wanting to upgrade your shotgun for Turkey Season? Learn more about the Versamax and V3 from Business Development Manager Josh Barca and Director of Consumer Goods Matt Ohlson.#versamax #v3 #shotguns #turkeys

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Agreed, and at least they caught a few of the poachers!

Iconic Giant Tusker Poached in Kenya
Travis Tomasie with a Remington 1911 R1 doing what he does best at the USPSA AL Sectional Championship! #Remington #1911R1
A nice hog shoot by Remington's Jason Vernon with a Remington 700 SPS Camo in .30-06! #700 #Remington
"As a native Montanan and a sportsman, Zinke has a deep appreciation for wildlife and conservation. He recognizes the importance of public-land access for all hunters and outdoorsmen and that scientific-based wildlife management—not emotion or political agendas—is critical to ensuring the future of America’s natural wildlife resources."

Sportsman Ryan Zinke Confirmed as Secretary of the Interior
Last day of the IWA show. Europeans raving about the performance of AccuTip ammunition on wild boar! #remingtonammunition #accutip #2017IWA #wildboarhunting
We rolled out the 700 Magpul to the European market at the IWA show this week - a huge hit with hunters and target shooters. #remington #sexygun #iwa2017
While you're dreaming of turkey season, save some $$$ & update your gear!!!

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"When form, fit and name meet function"! Real Guns review of the Remington 870 Hardwood Home Defense. #870 #Remington

Real Guns - Remington Model 870 Hardwood Home Defense
Kat out with her dog Hershey and the Remington V3 Field Sport! Kat Haas Outdoors #Remington
"Remington engineers started with a simple question: What if you could design a 12-gauge shotgun that felt like shooting a 20-gauge?"

Remington Timeline: 2010 - Remington Introduces the Revolutionary Versa Max - Guns & Ammo
Randy Wakeman reviews the V3 Walnut... Check it out!. #V3 #Remington

Review: 2017 Remington V3 Walnut Review Part One
The Remington 700 AWR brings home the bacon! An Alabama hog taken by Remington's Eric Lundgren using Barnes VOR-TX ammo! #700AWR #Remington
On February 19, 2017, 60 Minutes broadcast a segment about Remington Arms Company, LLC and two tragic incidents which occurred in 2011. In narrating the details related to each incident, 60 Minutes omitted and misrepresented key facts which would have allowed the viewer to have an accurate and complete understanding about each.

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Remington Responds to 60 Minutes