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Rémy Martin
yesterday at 15:30. Facebook
To fully express the true character of Rémy Martin cognacs, our eaux-de-vie are aged to perfection, and you can’t rush greatness. #FineChampagne
Rémy Martin
12/05/2016 at 15:18. Facebook
La Maison Rémy Martin opens its doors for the first time ever in China, deep in the heart of historical Guangzhou, on Shamian Island.
Rémy Martin
12/05/2016 at 09:25. Facebook
Rémy Martin
12/05/2016 at 09:25. Facebook
Rémy Martin
12/02/2016 at 16:30. Facebook
The year is almost over and your well-deserved glass of XO is poured.
Sip and savour the moment. Because this is pretty much as good as it gets. #OneLifeLiveThem
I look for style everywhere, in the music I mix and in the places I choose to go. And this place, it could be a Rémy Martin XO carafe.
"Embrace a world of sophistication and innovation."
Harvey Ambomo: DJ / Events planner / Fashion Expert

The XO carafe is an invitation: an invitation to a journey of sensory exploration and unbridled emotion.
There is unmistakeably a link between gastronomy, ambitious and revelatory, and XO cognac. Once the bottle is opened, the sumptuous scents that are released take me on a subtle and sophisticated sensory journey: voluptuous, yet beautifully harmonious.
"Trust in the mysterious properties of time."
Sébastien Ripari: Culinary consultant / Writer / Mixologist / Poet

The mysterious properties of time bring a precision to the maturing of the eaux-de-vie to make an exquisite and opulent cognac.
Work, determination, rigour, and the never-ending quest for excellence are not just words but actions, in all circumstances.
"Dare to be different, only daring reaps rewards."
Wai Ming Lung: Culinary writer / Creative director / Amateur boxer

They say I’m a perfectionist, I would say I’m geared towards excellence. I know my own mind, and I’m sure about Rémy Martin XO.
Savouring a XO is a veritable revelation, for the eyes – a dense, full, sensuous amber hue while for the nose and palate an explosion of fragrances.
"Push the boundaries, discover everything."
Vuk Vidor: Painter / Sculptor / Videographer / Cartoonist

My art is the embodiment of what I envision, just as XO is the embodiment of a rare originality.
“I take a lot of time over my work, I always take time to step back and review it. I noticed Baptiste Loiseau has the same approach with creating cognac.”
Watch Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau and Vincent Leroy speak of the role of time in their work.
Reverberating with the power and emotion of the masterpiece, these limited editions are a journey into a captivating kinetic world to be enjoyed at all times, courtesy of Rémy Martin.

Rémy Martin VSOP Mature Cask Finish: Versatile / Elegant / Iconic
Showcasing interpretations of the Red Ripples masterpiece in a variety of striking designs, each Limited Edition is a visual experience that draws you into its orbit.

Rémy Martin XO: Opulent / Radiant / Refined
Inspired by the different colors of cognac, Vincent Leroy sought to transpose this into the shifting reflections of his work.

Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal: Rich / Rounded / Royal
As Creative Director in a partnership with Rémy Martin, Vincent Leroy proposes a set of stunning limited edition designs.

Rémy Martin VSOP: Versatile / Elegant / Iconic