Yup, he did! Enjoy Nico Hülkenberg's very first lap in the R.S.16 in full 360 gloriousness!
Wishing a HUGE Happy Birthday to our very own #JP30, the one and only Jolyon Palmer Official today!!

from your first outing in the R.S.16 last year
#TBT The barefoot driver
Nice style Jolyon Palmer Official!
Mmm... Did he, or didn't he?? ????????
#Throwback to the day Example casually popped in for a visit. #NoBigDeal
Many questions were answered in the world of F1 today, but one remained. Does #yellow suit Nico Hülkenberg? Yes it does. It really does.
#FBF Monza. Legend-WAIT-FOR-IT-dary!
#TBT When in Mexico... We were in Mexico, right Jolyon?!
"...already in love with my new ‘girlfriend’ Renault."

Erm... We like you too Nico? Can't wait for our Valentine's Day present

Exclusive - Nico Hulkenberg on Renault, romance (and Rosberg)

The Hulk is coming. We know the Hulk is strong. But then again, so are our mechanics
One more from Lila Kalis, just for the weekend :)
#AlwaysPickFormulaOne #TwingoGT
Is MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS still looking for a driver? We'd like to nominate Lila Kalis, have you seen what she can do in her mini #TwingoGT?!
Here he is! For the first time with Renault Sport Formula One Team, we give you, The Hulk!
(Thank you for filming this nice New Year message Nico Hülkenberg )

Et voilà! Pour la première fois avec nous, on vous présente... Nico Hülkenberg! Bonne Année!
Hi everyone, we're back! And we have a Happy New Year message from Jolyon Palmer Official to celebrate!
Coucou tout le monde, nous revoilà !! Et on a un message de Jolyon pour fêter ça ;)
Happy New Year! Bonne Annee!
Merry Christmas everyone! Joyeux Noel!!
Last day of the Advent Calendar! Be sure to play!
That's it from us until the new year, enjoy the break if you get one!

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‪It's nearly Christmas! And Jolyon Palmer Official has given us permission to tuck into the mince pies. We will Jo, we will! ‬
Now, did I leave the hair straighteners on or not? Damn…

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