Be there to witness the first ever pronite being held at our technical festival Tryst, IIT Delhi today (27th February) at the Open Air Theatre in IIT Delhi 6pm onwards. With a fantastic line up and production, we guarantee that it is going to be a fun night!
Rendezvous IIT-Delhi announces Quadrotian (known for its quality) as it's after RDV merchandise and travel partner. Quadrotian an IITians initiative is a team made up of loving engineers, designer, and entrepreneurs.
Are you passionate about traveling but your pocket is too light to support it then Quadrotian is the solution for you.
Dedicated to providing students a solution to their travel...
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Guess what our content partner,, just gifted us?
An Aftermovie!

This one captures more student talent and some views of the organising committee.

Our official aftermovie is yet to be released, so stay tuned for that! Don't forget to tag your friends when you see them here.

[ Link ]

Rendezvous'16- The IIT Delhi Extravaganza | Aftermovie is striving towards creating a multi-platform destination where all the excitement of college life lives – and grows. Catch us across our different p...

Here are the links to the albums containing photos of Day 3 and 4. Let the tagging begin!
Pictures Credits:

[ Link ]

[ Link ]
Fbb - India's Fashion Hub Campus Princess 2017 auditions were held in Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in association with Rendezvous, IIT Delhi. A warm extension of gratitude to the entire team of Rendezvous, IIT Delhi for helping us scout potential talent. A big shout out to our fest coordinators Rohan Tomar and Shrey Bhala for organizing a great show. A special thanks to Campus...
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Made Easy in association with Rendezvous 2016 presents a Seminar by Mr. B. Singh on 09th November 2016.
Grab a seat for yourself at the earliest. Register for the seminar at : [ Link ]
For any queries, contact:
Prachi Gupta (8076540979)
That was Murray Molloy at Rendezvous 2016!
Do visit and follow him if you enjoyed the show.
Rendezvous'16 thanks E. Q. for their help in making the Jamming sessions successful. E.Q. (Event Quotient) is an event management and concept designing company which is based in Delhi. The company was established on December 17th 2015. From start to finish, we strive to Conceptualize, plan and implement the perfect event experience that clearly communicates our client’s vision and exceed...
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The winners for the TIMEX #mytime contest are SHREWD SENIIAA and AMARJ SINGH . The winners are to be awarded amazing TIMEX watches. This concludes the #MyTime Contest for Rendezvous 2016. Thanks to the overwhelming response of all the participants, special thanks to our Watch Partner Timex.
Timex India
The much awaited result of Vivo India presents Rendezvous Camerathon 2016 is finally here.
First Prize (VIVO PHONE): Team ONE HIT WONDERS (Lakshit Kohli, Varnit Arora, Kajal Vats)
Second Prize (RDV Passes): Team PHOTO NINJAS (Manglesh, Shekhar, Ishaan, Rahul, Harsh)
Heartiest congratulations to all the winners. Cheers to a successful event!
#rdv16 #vivordv
A fest is only as good as its audience, and we are absolutely enthralled by the wonderful crowd we had this time around. Also, a big shout-out to all the performers and artists and who enlivened the four magical days of Rendezvous 16. Here's to everyone who was a part of this colorful journey. Thanks a lot for making this Rendezvous memorable.
Thank you White Shadows for the amazing coverage.
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The winners for the TIMEX #mytime contest are NEHARIKA SINGHAL and SHUBHAM VERMA . The winners to be awarded amazing TIMEX watches. Keep up the enthusiasm ,more watches up for grabs .Today is the last day of the competition ,winners will decided on the basis of likes.
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That very specific scenic charm, those kind of people, something in the air, the kind of aura, basically everything.That place which you can navigate without Google maps. There are some places that enchant you so well, that you go there every weekend. Tell us your favourite weekend destination in the comments section and win exclusive Rendezvous Merchendise. #Hero #TravelDiaries #vivordv #rdv16
Rendezvous '16 proudly presents Mannat! A Four Piece Hindi Rock & Pop band. 3 years and counting - the band has featured In Sur Sagar - A Music Reality Tv Show which airs every weekend on DD National.
It's here to bring the Dreamville Stage to life at the final day of Rendezvous'16. So guys n girls!!! Come to Dreamville at 4 PM to witness an extravagant performance.
"We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already".
Rendezvous'16 is proud to announce Preveen Pandita, one of the biggest illusionist and mentalist in the world live today in Dreamville 5PM onwards. For further details: [ Link ]
#rdv16 #dreamville #discover #color #celebrate #VivoRDV
How safe is #TheSafehouse? Bond set off to find a spy and now he is missing… He was last seen at the safehouse. Can you solve the mystery and escape the room before they come for you? #escapechallenge #ctrlshiftesc #TheSafehouse #iitrendezvous #hauzkhasvillage #escapegames
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