For more than five years, Vineyard Power Cooperative has provided electricity customers living in one of Massachusetts’ best-known island communities the chance to buy into an energy future that favors renewables and bolsters their local economy. 06/23/2017

A Massachusetts Co-op Makes A Powerful Vintage
The May edition of our “Top 5 Hybrid Energy News” leads with an innovative solar plus hydrogen-lithium-ion energy storage microgrid project. It features EPS, ENEL, &Beyond, New Southern Energy, Tesla, Fronius, BayWa, OneShore, Solar Era, Ripasso Energy and Horizon S.R.L. The May edition covers news… 06/23/2017

Top 5 Hybrid Energy News (Solar- and Wind-Diesel-Hybrid + Microgrids) — June 2017
OWES 2017 Speaker Feature: Brett Berard, VP of Operations at Berard - The Mega Transport Experts. Mr. Berard brings a wealth of knowledge on heavy transportation paired with modern engineering design and technology. Learn more about Brett and all our speakers, here >>
OWES 2017 Speaker Feature Brett Berard VP of Operations at Berard The

Speaker Biographies
As solar has continued to mature into a viable asset class, new investors have entered the marketplace. This influx of capital has increased the number of viable financing/investment options available to developers, and has created new structures for capital deployment. 06/23/2017

Trends in Development and Construction Capital
Several U.K. cities are looking to initiate smart projects and developments to improve the efficiency of local services, enhance sustainability and develop their competitiveness. Smart city initiatives improve the ‘liveability’ of a city, helping to attract business and talent to support economic an... 06/23/2017

Smart Control Systems and Better Energy Efficiency with 'Smart City' Technology
Compelling. That’s what the stories behind the Solar Decathlon represent to me. Normally, I am focused on the current competition — working with the university teams and our partners to host the Energy Department’s largest public event showcasing student-built solar houses. 06/23/2017

The Many Fates of Former Solar Decathlon Houses
There are many optimists that see floating offshore playing a key, if not the major, role both in Europe and in markets around the world. 06/23/2017

What Now for Floating Offshore Wind Tech? — Moving Beyond Demonstrations to Pilots
There was disagreement between the U.S. and other members on two sections in a joint communiqué: climate change and multilateral development banks’ (MDBs) support for implementation of the Paris Agreement and Agenda 2030. 06/23/2017

In Bologna, six G7 members reaffirmed Paris commitment, 'isolating the US.'
Traditional solar panels used to power satellites can be bulky with heavy panels folded together using mechanical hinges. An experiment that recently arrived at the International Space Station will test a new solar array design that rolls up to form a compact cylinder for launch with significantly l... 06/22/2017

Changing How Solar Power Rolls
With the confluence of positive factors described in Part 1 of this article, why has the pace of adoption of renewables not been more rapid Indeed, there has been progress, but it has been slow and uneven, depending on the island. There are several reasons for this. 06/22/2017

The Global Transition to Renewable Energy — Can the Caribbean Lead the Way? Part 2: The Challenges
Brisbane, Australia-based Lyon Group yesterday said it is seeking interest for contracts to cover up to 640 MWh of storage capacity across Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. 06/22/2017

Australian Firm Issues Tender for 640 MWh of Energy Storage Services
The guideposts for the offshore wind energy industry are aligning. Learn how offshore wind and oil & gas industries can support each other, share risks, tackle challenges and advance this new industry in the U.S. at Offshore Wind Executive Summit. [ Link ]
The guideposts for the offshore wind energy industry are aligning Learn how
Toronto Hydro is testing pole-mounted energy storage devices that can supplement electricity during peak hours in homes. In a pilot project, a compact white box, a little bigger than a suitcase, has been mounted about six metres up a hydro pole in the Keele St. 06/22/2017

Toronto Hydro, Ryerson Launch Pilot Project to Store Energy in Pole-mounted Compact Box
‘A remarkable achievement,’ is the only thing I can say about where the European offshore wind industry finds itself today. It has taken a lot longer and cost a lot more money and effort than we thought back in the late ’90s, but the industry has exceeded its pricing targets by a significant margin… 06/22/2017

Global Wind Energy Insight: Offshore Breakthrough
Pioneers are increasingly combining innovations like sensor technology, artificial intelligence and big data analysis to find real world applications in sectors that previously didn’t use them. 06/22/2017

Meet the Energy Pioneers of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently recognized Mukilteo, Wash.-based flow battery provider UniEnergy Technologies with a Green Chemistry Challenge Award. 06/21/2017

Flow Battery Provider Recognized with Green Chemistry Challenge Award
Any analysis of solar returns has to be first de-linked from return expectations for thermal. Rather than chip away at a thermal derived returns benchmark 06/21/2017

India Solar Tariffs: Part 2 — Dude, Where's My Return?
With the increase of renewable energy on the grid, ABB’s Digital Substations will prepare an energy facility for the challenges of tomorrow, including real-time performance and increased reliability.

Rod Walton, Senior Editor of Electric Light & Power and POWERGRID International will lead a discussion on this topic on June 28th at 10 am EDT. Join us!

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With the increase of renewable energy on the grid ABBs Digital Substations

We are bridging the gap. Enabling digital substations. - 1150369
Let's talk education at POWER-GEN International! We've got conference tracks focused on renewable energy: Distributed Renewable Power, Energy Storage and Utility-Scale Renewable Power. Learn about the renewable energy industry's latest trends, issues, challenges and technology at PGI 2017!
Lets talk education at POWERGEN International Weve got conference tracks focused on