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Australia Day coming up - what do you think is the BEST AUSSIE SONG eva?

Let us know below!! The song with the most responses - we will post the song on facebook - on AUSTRALIA DAY!!!!
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It's official - iPads are being used in most of our schools... do you think it's good or bad?

You can rent iPads at Rent The Roo - check it out - [ Link ]

Why your kids should be using iPads in the classroom.
How are you cooling off this summer?
Keep your family cool this summer! Choose from a wide selection of leading brands and models, including split systems, portable air conditioners and fans; all delivered to you free of charge.

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Playtime is over... back to work...
Cooking in God's Kitchen: Australian Style
Air Conditioners v Split Systems - what suits you best?

A quick guide to what you might need to cope with summer.

Air Conditioners v Split Systems - what suits you best?
You never know what you will find...
GOODBYE 2016!!!

Looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings everyone!

Hope your beating the heat at home!
Planning a road trip these holidays? Check out these Aussie tunes to take with you!

The Ultimate Top 10 Australian Road Trip Playlist | Travellers Autobarn
We hope you have an AWESOME Christmas!!!

We'll catch up with you after NEW YEAR!!!
Hands up who is starting their Xmas shopping TONIGHT!

(2 nights left everyone!!!!)
We're having a break over Christmas.

You can still leave a phone message or reach us on Facebook messenger and we will return on 3rd January to answer calls and requests. Check your local Rent The Roo for re-opening times in January.

From all of us at Rent The Roo admin - HAVE AN AWESOME BREAK!
Awwww... we hope you able to have a bit of R&R before Christmas!
Tell us what you need and if we can find it you can RENT it!!! ...BRAND NEW

CELEBRATING 40 YEARS of serving Australian Customers!

[ Link ]

β€œAt Rent The Roo we give more of our time and care as an expression of our sincere thanks to everyone who puts their trust in us” - Rent The Roo
Alicia from Rent The Roo Hobart East has stocked up on Christmas goodies. If you're in the area, give Hobart East a call on 137 661 for your free Christmas Gift!!
Entertain your friends and family these holidays with a BRAND NEW outdoor setting, cubby house or BBQ - we can tailor a rental agreement payment plan for a term that suits your weekly budget!

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