Doctors and families who want to keep children safe from guns kept in a home were the winners this week. The losers: those extreme Republican lawmakers in Florida who pander to the gun lobby. A federal appeals court made the right call in the 'Docs v Glocks' case by siding with free speech and common sense.

Court rejects Florida’s ‘Docs vs. Glocks’ law
Trump's ties to Russia can no longer be ignored. For the sake of our elections, national security, and public confidence in our government, Congress needs to conduct an open, bipartisan investigation. @NYTopinion makes an eloquent case:

Time for Congress to Investigate Mr. Trump’s Ties to Russia
The Culture of Corruption just keeps growing around the Trump White House. National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has resigned amid a cloud of Russian diplomatic intrigue. Senior adviser Kellyanne Conway turned the White House into a commercial shoot by doing an on-air testimonial in support of her boss’ daughter’s business – despite laws that prohibit such behavior. And Trump -- who has yet...
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China awards Trump valuable new trademark
The Trump White House lies about voter fraud are designed to foment future voter suppression. Even in New Hampshire, where both sides say Trump's claims are baseless, the Republican governor is still responding with talk of tighter voting rules.

New Hampshire fires back after White House’s false voting fraud claims
National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s resignation was warranted and overdue. Yet his exit raises more questions than it answers. It’s still unclear who and what was known in the White House about his diplomatic discussions with Russia before then-President Obama left office. And if the Justice Department warned the White House last month that Flynn had misled them about his communications...
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Flynn resigns amid controversy over Russia contacts
President Trump's National Security Advisor Michael Flynn should be fired
The Senate is poised to put a former Wall Street executive in charge of our financial system who wants to weaken the tough Dodd-Frank regulations that protected our economy after the last Republican president took us to the brink of a depression. As our next Treasury Secretary, I have no confidence that Steven Mnuchin will rein in Wall Street excesses, or protect consumers from the dodgy...
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Mnuchin looks to Wall Street to fill key Treasury roles
I met with and spoke to some of the world's top airport security experts Friday, as my office continues to work on the kind of reforms that can try to prevent another tragedy like we saw at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport. Among the issues we discussed at the Transportation Security Administration's Pubic Area Security Summit were best practices and policies on transporting...
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House Republicans are starting to feel the heat. Millions of Americans know that the Affordable Care Act works because they have seen meaningful improvements in their own lives, or those of their loved ones. Women are among those who have benefited the most. But Trump and Republicans are not eager to let that word spread too far. Expect new Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price to keep...
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Trump administration starts deleting Obamacare references from HHS site
President Trump and Republicans want to build a costly, ineffective border wall with Mexico. The price tag is now up to $21 billion, and of course, Mexico still refuses to pay for it. But it gets worse. Kenneth Smith Ramos, head of Mexico's Trade and NAFTA Office of the Mexican Ministry, told the Orlando Sentinel that his country does $8.3 billion in trade with Florida, including $2.7 billion...
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Billions in trade with Florida at risk, Mexico official says
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals just handed President Trump's #MuslimBan a big loss. Let this send a strong message to #POTUS: You can't bully a co-equal branch of government.

Federal appeals court refuses to reinstate Trump travel ban
As a representative of one of the largest communities of Venezuelans and Venezuelan–Americans in the United States, I proudly co-signed a letter to the President asking his administration to take immediate action against Venezuelan regime officials who are profiting off of the current humanitarian crisis.

US Legislators Demand Tougher Sanctions Against Venezuela
Congressman Tom Price has been an avowed opponent of quality, affordable health care, and repeatedly proposed legislation to restrict women’s reproductive rights. Worse, by weakening the Affordable Care Act, Price would callously ensure that tens of millions of Americans who live with a preexisting condition like me – a breast cancer survivor – will be denied coverage based on our medical...
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Senate Set to Confirm Trump’s Health Pick to Lead ACA Repeal
We knew this would happen. President Trump lies about voter fraud to soothe his bruised ego over losing the popular vote, and now Republicans across the country continue to harm Democracy by making it harder to register and vote. No voter fraud, just voter suppression.

GOP lawmakers around the US push for restrictions on voting
Sen. Elizabeth Warren had the audacity to read a letter from #CorettaScottKing on the Senate floor last night, and for that she was silenced. If reading the words of Martin Luther King's widow in Congress is breaking the rules, Senate Republicans should be ashamed. The fact that those words were so harsh toward Sen Jeff Sessions, the man slated to be our next Attorney General, speaks volumes...
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Elizabeth Warren barred from Senate debate for 'impugning' Jeff Sessions
The depraved beliefs of Holocaust deniers have somehow crawled into our national conversation. Omitting any mention of Jews in an International Holocaust Remembrance Day statement is unbelievable and unacceptable. Worse, it occurred at a time when our government decided to turn its back on refugees fleeing violence and oppression. What's deeply concerning is that all of this is emanating from...
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Wasserman Schultz on Trump Holocaust Statement Omission of Jews

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz denounces the omission of Jews from President Trump's International Holocaust Remembrance Day statement, which came on the same...

Donald Trump's divisive first two weeks in office have made him one of the least liked incoming presidents in our nation's recent history. New Florida poll shows #POTUS is in the ditch here too, when it comes to job performance, with a whopping 66 percent disapproval rate. The same number of Floridians don't like his ill-conceived mean, ineffective border wall either -- especially once they...
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Poll finds Floridians disapprove of Donald Trump’s performance
People in Florida and around the country are telling Senators to block the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary. The billionaire Republican has no experience in public education, and has devoted millions of her family's fortune to privatizing and damaging it. #DumpDeVos

Betsy DeVos is riling up education advocates. Here's why.