Attended the Divine Divas of South Florida 2017 Phenomenal Women awards. I was shocked when I was awarded a "lifetime achievement award for leadership." I am so honored to become a member of the Red Hat Society, and was so proud when I was presented with my red hat. I am by far the hardest person on earth to surprise, and wow they certainly surprised me. I am honored and humbled to be in the...
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All of us pulled together, and we defeated an abhorrent #Trumpcare bill that would have hurt tens of millions of seniors, children and families. Now, let's hope Republicans reach out to Democrats to improve the Affordable Care Act in a serious, meaningful way. We’re more than ready to participate if it means truly improving our health care system.

Rep. Wasserman Schultz Calls GOP Health Bill 'Abhorrent'
I'm proud to continue the celebration of Women's History Month by acknowledging a woman who is truly helping keep South Florida strong and healthy.

Maureen Mann serves as Executive Director of the Lynn Cancer Institute and the Christine E. Lynn Women's Health and Wellness Institute at Boca Raton Regional Hospital.

A Fort Lauderdale resident, Maureen’s commitment to keeping Florida’s families...
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Women, children and seniors will all lose horribly under #Trumpcare. Now add veterans to the list of victims.

Democrats blast GOP health care plan as dangerous for veterans
Democrats are fighting the #Trumpcare bill which would lower coverage, raise costs and push 14 million more people into the ranks of the uninsured.
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has compromised his committee's investigation, and he can no longer impartially lead it. There is nothing independent about it now. His actions also highlight the need for an open, comprehensive, bipartisan investigation into the influence that Vladimir Putin's Russia has had on our elections and the Trump campaign and White House.

Opinion | Nunes gives away the game: The GOP will never exercise real oversight on Trump
The overnight, and back room negotiations to secure Republican votes for #Trumpcare could result in a overhaul of a bill that will mete out more pain and higher health care costs for women, children, seniors, hospitals and the disabled and poor. Anytime "essential services" are being negotiated away in a bill that claims to be improving health care, something is really, really wrong.

Trump fights for healthcare bill, makes headway with conservatives
Donald Trump is notoriously dishonest, and while working with Republicans to ram through #Trumpcare, he recently told another whopper meant to scare people: That doctors are leaving the profession due to the #ACA. A Fact Check by AP shows that's another Trump lie, and in fact, more doctors have continued to enter the profession since the #ACA7 passed in 2010.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's claim of fleeing doctors rings false
The United States Department of Veterans Affairs Inspector General plays a vital role in ensuring VA programs run properly and funds are spent wisely. The #MILCONVA where I sit as a ranking member met with the IG this morning, and I stressed the need to address wait times for care and services, and the mutual desire for strong oversight. The IG was instrumental in uncovering problems that led...
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The Florida Congressional delegation met this morning to discuss ways to strengthen the National Flood Insurance Program, a vital issue in so many communities in Florida. This will become even more important over time if Donald Trump pursues policies that fail to address sea level rise.
It's more clear than ever, Americans deserve a comprehensive, open, bipartisan investigation into Russia's influence on our elections and the Trump campaign and White House.

Comey’s Haunting News on Trump and Russia
I had the pleasure to tour the @DCVAMC with my House Approps #MILCONVA colleagues yesterday. We saw top-shelf care being offered there, but as always, we need to continue evaluating those services to ensure our veterans receive the best care possible.
To avoid appearance of bias, we need an open, independent, bipartisan investigation into Russia's influence on our elections and the Trump White House #FollowTheFacts

Early Trump backer leads House panel probing links to Russia
The list of victims would be long in Florida under the House GOP #Trumpcare plan: Seniors, children, women, especially pregnant women, along with the disabled and low-income Floridians. According to the Tampa Bay Times editorial board: "Its impact on seniors, children, low-income residents and workers in the state's large tourism industry poses a great risk to public health and the state's...
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Editorial: GOP health bill bad for Florida
Will #Trumpcare usher in the decline of job-based insurance? #Trumpcare will push 24 million people into the ranks of the uninsured in a decade, with 14 million of them landing there next year. But the Congressional Budget Office says 7 million of them will drop off the roles of their employer-based health insurance.

GOP healthcare plan could mean millions lose their work-based coverage
During Women’s History Month, we celebrate both those who shattered glass ceilings, as well as those who continue to open door’s that have not always been open to women.

South Florida’s own Stella Tokar founded B.O.L.D. Consulting after a highly successful 30-year career as a professional trainer, coach and business consultant.

Prior to founding B.O.L.D, Stella served as President and CEO...
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The Trump budget neglects nearly all of our most important priorities: seniors, children, families and the most important legacy we leave to future generations -- a clean and healthy environment. On top of the horrific health care cuts that will push tens of millions of people into higher-cost plans, or no coverage at all, this budget proposal sacrifices too many safety, environmental, labor...
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Mr. Trump’s Tear-Down Budget
A federal judge last night blocked President Trump's re-worked travel ban for discriminating against Muslims. Based on what Trump and those around him have said was their goal, it was hard for the judge to ignore their stated intention to ban Muslims. As I told CNN, 'if it looks like a Muslim ban, walks like a Muslim ban, talks like a Muslim ban, then it's probably a Muslim ban.' On New Day, I...
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CNN: Wasserman Schultz Takes on Muslim Ban, Trumpcare

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-23) spoke to CNN on March 16, 2017 about the court ruling on President Trump's travel ban targeting Muslims, and the a...

The 24 million people who will lose health care coverage under #Trumpcare are not just numbers. They are pregnant women, children, seniors and the disabled. And ultimately, it's all for the sake of tax breaks for the rich. It is shameful.

Wasserman Schultz on Effort to Repeal Affordable Care Act

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-23) spoke against the House Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

The Trump budget is an immoral affront to nearly all of our most important priorities: Seniors, children and families and the most important gift we can leave to future generations -- a clean and healthy environment. Aside from the horrific health care cuts that will push tens of millions of people into higher-cost plans, or no coverage at all, this budget proposal sacrifices too many safety,...
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Trump's federal budget would eliminate dozens of agencies and programs