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What another wonderful Young Women's Breast Health Day on the Hill with Maimah Karmo and Tigerlily Foundation! Maimah, you're an inspiration to every one of us! Your spirit and soul light up every room you're in, and I'm so excited to see how you and Tigerlily continue to grow and help beat cancer. This year's focus was metastatic cancer, and for thousands of Americans each year, their cancer...
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I'm so excited to join Maimah Karmo and the Tigerlily Foundation at their Young Women's Breast Health Day on Capitol Hill! Read Maimah's inspiring op-ed below:

Today is Young Women’s Breast Health Day on Capitol Hill

Nearly one month after the election, I am deeply concerned about President-Elect Trump's Administration – perhaps even more concerned than I was during the campaign. He’s promised to govern for all of us, but it’s become very clear that he is out to push an ultra-conservative, highly partisan agenda that will damage the progress we have made under President Obama. We stood here today – a...
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I send my deepest condolences to the victims' families and friends and the entire city of Oakland as they heal from this absolutely terrible tragedy.

California warehouse fire: 30 dead, 'arduous' search for victims continues

I'm proud that we're moving Florida International University together in a bipartisan manner! Our nation's infrastructure - and particularly our bridges - is badly in need of this sort of collaborative approach.

USDOT awards FIU $1.4M grant to study bridge restoration | Naked Politics

Under President Obama's leadership, millions of Americans have started new jobs and our unemployment level is at its lowest point since 2007. The Administration has helped our country come back stronger than ever after the worst recession since the Great Depression, especially when we were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs per month under the Bush Administration.

Unemployment Rate Drops To 4.6 Percent, Lowest Level Since 2007

For 35 years, World AIDS Day has united the globe in raising awareness for the fight against HIV/AIDS. Today, an estimated 36.7 million people are living with this tragic disease worldwide and we know that this number will grow unless we work fearlessly and tirelessly on this civil and human rights issue.

Now more than ever, it is imperative that lawmakers fight for the Affordable Care Act...
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The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum hosted an extraordinary tribute to Elie Wiesel tonight. His timeless and unforgettable legacy will always live on through the Museum and the incredible people who lead it like Sara J. Bloomfield.
As a breast cancer survivor and a legislator, the 21st Century Cures Act is deeply personal to me, because too many of my constituents and I have learned firsthand just how badly we need to find cures for deadly diseases like cancer. I am proud that this bill provides $1.8 billion in funding for Vice President Joe Biden’s “Cancer Moonshot,” which is yet another shining example of the Obama...
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Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz : Press Releases : Wasserman Schultz Statement on Passage of 21st Century Cures Act

This is profoundly disturbing, dangerous and un-American. We must stand united and reject any and all forces of hate, and say to our neighbors, friends, and coworkers that they are loved, valued, and safe in our country.

Letter sent to Miami Gardens mosque claims Trump will 'do to Muslims what Hitler did to Jews'

My heart goes out to the victims and the victims’ families of this heartbreaking and tragic airline disaster. There are no words today that can fully heal the loss of the victims’ loved ones and all of the fans and supporters of Chapecoense, a soccer team that had players traveling on board the plane. I join the people of Colombia and Brazil and every nation affected by this disaster in...
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Colombia plane crash: 75 dead on Brazil soccer team's charter flight

The President-Elect is making it abundantly clear that he will attempt to dismantle the progress we have made under President Obama. As HHS Secretary, Congressman Price, an avowed opponent of the Affordable Care Act, will lead the charge to take health care away from the 20 million people who gained access to coverage thanks to Obamacare. He will drag us back to the dark times when 129 million...
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Tom Price, Obamacare critic, is Trump pick for health secretary

My thoughts are with this Lauderhill family who lost their 3-year-old son this weekend in a drowning accident.

3-year-old boy drowns in algae-covered pool in Lauderhill

On Small Business Saturday, I'm thankful for the Obama Administration and all they've done to help support our small businesses - including shopping in them! This Administration knows small businesses are the backbone of our economy and an essential part of every community - now let's get out there and #ShopSmall! #SmallBusinessSaturday

Let's Celebrate Our Small Businesses

Fidel Castro’s death ends his personal tyranny of the Cuban people and ushers in the possibility of a new era for Cuba. However, the legacy of his oppression continues today in Cuba and as we look ahead to the future, the Cuban government should hold free and fair elections that allow all Cubans a true voice in their government, fully embrace human rights, recognize opposition parties, cease...
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Fidel Castro is dead

Today, Americans of all backgrounds, cultures, faith traditions and orientations will come together to give thanks and spread love to their families, friends, and significant others. It is in this time of gratitude that I reflect on the many people and values for which I am grateful - family and friends, colleagues and constituents, freedom and fairness, humility and hope. More than ever...
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Happy Thanksgiving!

What a beautiful moment for President Eduardo Padrón and Miami Dade College! This is our nation's highest civilian honor, and President Padrón is a deserving member of this star-studded group who have done so much to lift up our nation, our spirits, and our minds.

Miami Dade College President Padrón Gets Medal of Freedom

As we head into a holiday all about giving, let's make sure to give back to our communities and those in need! Love spending time at the Jubilee Center of South Broward, Inc. with our Pembroke Pines office district staff and my family serving meals ahead of Thanksgiving.
President-Elect Trump's so-called infrastructure plan more closely resembles a big giveaway to wealthy construction investors than a middle class jobs plan. Learn more below:

Trump’s big infrastructure plan? It’s a trap.

As we enter the season of giving, it's important for everyone to take time when they can to help those in need. I had a great morning with the Harvest Drive packing perishable food items for local families at Western High School!