New Jersey Democrat Phil Murphy's eagerness to compare the president to a Adolf Hitler, a genocidal tyrant responsible for the deaths of millions, is grossly irresponsible and his words show an inexcusable lack of judgement.
New Jersey Democrat Phil Murphy’s eagerness to compare the President to a genocidal tyrant responsible for millions of deaths is grossly irresponsible and his words show an inexcusable lack of judgement.

New Jersey Dem Phil Murphy Compares Trump to Hitler
Virginia Pilot: Democrat gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello "deserves every word of outrage he’s receiving" for his offensive comparison of the election of President Trump to the 9/11 terrorist attacks:

Tom Perriello deserves blowback for 9/11 crack
Happy President's Day!
There are now 33 Republican governors across the country - a 95-year high - and more than twice the number of Democrat governors.
A new Right-To-Work law has sent a clear signal to companies around the world that Kentucky is open for business. Governor Matt Bevin gets results!

Bevin: Kentucky's new right-to-work law will mean more jobs
Happy Birthday to Illinois GOP Governor Bruce Rauner!
BIG NEWS ---> RGA Chairman Scott Walker will be a featured speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference next week in Washington DC. #CPAC2017

RGA Chairman Governor Scott Walker to Deliver Remarks at CPAC 2017
Upon hearing that Congress would attempt to overturn a regulation restricting the use of drug tests for unemployment benefits, several Republican governors sent a letter on Tuesday in support of the resolution.

Republican Governors Back Congressional Efforts to Overturn Drug Test Restrictions
Tom Perriello should immediately apologize for his offensive comments – directly to the 9/11 families who lost loved ones in Virginia, New York and Pennsylvania on that horrific day.

Va Gov Candidate Compares Trump To 9/11 [VIDEO]
Shameful: Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello compares the election of President Donald Trump to the 9/11 terrorist attacks:

VIDEO: Virginia Dem Tom Perriello Compares Electing Trump to 9/11
"If Governor Eric Holcomb keeps this up, he may be remembered as one of the best governors Indiana has had yet. We wish him continued success."

Editorial: Gov. Holcomb starts strong
You can't make this up: After their worst electoral result in 95 years, Dem Gov Dan Malloy says Democrat governors had a "good" year in 2016.

DGA’s Dan Malloy Says Democrat Governors Had A “Good” 2016
"When it comes to passing transformational policy reforms, no state in the country can hold a candle to what Wisconsin has done, both in terms of the number and magnitude of the reforms enacted, since Governor Scott Walker (R) was elected."

Scott Walker Shows Again Why He Is The Most Transformational Governor Of The 21st Century
With 33 GOP governors - a 95-year high - the Republican Party has a strong bench of current and future leaders.

5 up-and-coming GOP governors to watch
"When the Republican Governors Association holds its winter meeting in Washington, D.C., this month, it will be a full house. The party now controls more state governorships than at any time in almost a century."

Republican governors in charge
New York Times: In the states, GOP Governors are enacting conservative reforms at lightening speed & getting results:

State G.O.P. Leaders Move Swiftly
There are 38 crucial gubernatorial elections in 2017 & 2018. Stand with the RGA & help elect Republican governors.

Support the Republican Governors Association
Dems in Disarray: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe openly attacks Dem gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello, suggesting that Perriello doesn’t understand the powers of the Virginia governorship.

Terry McAuliffe Attacks Tom Perriello, Suggests He Doesn’t Understand Virginia Governorship Powers