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Great article about what Ron Johnson is doing to actually solve problems for people in Wisconsin. LIKE and SHARE if you were proud to re-elect him just a few weeks ago!

Joseph Project scores employment gains

Go Badgers!
Yesterday, we put up a billboard welcoming Hillary Clinton's lawyers to Wisconsin. Support our efforts at
Don't let the Left steal this election. Go to today!

Stop The Steal - Republican Party of Wisconsin

FACT: Wisconsin Democrats took the state backward and voters rejected them as a result. Scott Walker and Republican legislators led on bold reforms that are moving Wisconsin forward!
Thanks to Scott Walker and his bold reforms, Wisconsin is moving forward. The country has noticed!

Wisconsin’s Reform Lesson

We can't let liberals like Hillary Clinton try and steal this election. Go to and sign up to protect the vote.
Think this recount is just a waste of time? Go to write a letter to the editor and make your voice heard!

Write a Letter to the Editor of Your Local Paper - Republican Party of Wisconsin

BREAKING: Donald J. Trump calls the Wisconsin recount filed by the Green Party a "scam." LIKE and SHARE if you agree.

Trump: Wisconsin recount is a "scam"

Happy Thanksgiving!
ICYMI: Read about what the Republican Party of Wisconsin is doing to keep Wisconsin red!

GOP thinks it can keep Wisconsin red

That's a TOUCHDOWN! #GoPackGo
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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Prior to 2016, the last time Wisconsin went for a Republican Presidential Candidate was Ronald Reagan in 1984.
Congratulations Scott Walker, newly elected chairman of the Republican Governors Association!
Congratulations Speaker Paul Ryan!
Because of your hard work to re-elect Ron Johnson, Republicans will have a strong majority in the U.S. Senate. Thank you Wisconsin!