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What the Democrat Party of Wisconsin doesn't want you to see: VA employee to Senator Tammy Baldwin on the senator's role in the Tomah VA crisis: "I also believe as a result of inaction, unfortunately and tragically, a U.S. soldier died."

Sen. Tammy Baldwin opposes GOP health care plan at friendly town hall in Milwaukee
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Senator Tammy Baldwin had reason to believe that veterans at the Tomah VA Hospital were in danger and failed to act. Stand up for veterans and help hold Tammy Baldwin accountable today:

ICYMI: Wisconsin Republicans Holding Senator Tammy Baldwin Accountable for Her Role in the Tomah VA Crisis - Republican Party of Wisconsin
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Bice: Top Dems initially fought Wisconsin's Jason Rae's bid for DNC secretary
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“He was calling the FBI, he was calling the VA police, he was calling lots of other places to try to get some attention to the drug diversion at the facility. And in the mix of that was an 8-minute call to Ron Kind’s Washington D.C. office.”

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