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Happy #NationalPuppyDay. Remember, not every doggo in the RE universe is deadly! Did you save this good boy?
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Save money and grab great games in the Resident Evil franchise sale on Steam! [ Link ]
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Finished Resident Evil 7 biohazard, but looking for more puzzles? Unlock the secrets of the Spencer mansion in Resident Evil on PS4, XB1, and PC!
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21 years ago, Biohazard was launched in Japan! Itchy! Tasty! Thanks to all of our fans, we wouldn't be here without you! ❤
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Ready for the new batch of concept art available on Log in and unlock them all!
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"Daddy is coming!"
Amazing fan art by Grobi-Grafik ♥
For more => [ Link ]
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Want to know more about how RE7 came to life? Stay tuned for our 'Making Of' series coming very soon!
Where's Barry? #ThursdayThoughts
#BeforeTheInternetExisted.. dating wasn't the same! Cinderella style was the way to go!
#WhenImHungryI like to grab a quick bite.
"Ethan Winters lies here - RIP". How many of these little angels did you racked up during your "Ethan Must Die" run?
Oh, so that's how it works? Jack has to do things the old-fashioned way sometimes. Thanks to BIOHAZARD CLUB 96 Facebook page for the comic!
Thanks for the love, Timbaland. Hope RE7 has the... shock value you're looking for.

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A new batch of concept art is available for you on! Log in and check them out!
Resident Evil Revelations is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One physical and digital (NA and EU) Fall 2017! More information coming soon.