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02/24/2017 at 22:50. Facebook
Welcome to #FanArtFriday in this brilliant Baker family art by xpactor920! [ Link ]
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02/24/2017 at 18:26. Facebook
"Stay away!" Mia's video to Ethan was pretty intense. Can you remember the quality of the video she made? Click and tell us =>[ Link ]
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02/24/2017 at 00:02. Facebook
Chris Redfield returns in the free “Not A Hero” DLC for #RE7 this Spring. Who or what is he chasing? Find out soon in this separate story.
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02/23/2017 at 21:00. Facebook
Welcome to the birthday bash! Race against the clock and feed Jack for his 55th Birthday when you grab Banned Footage Vol. 2! #RE7
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02/23/2017 at 15:24. Facebook
That satisfaction when you out game a Molded in "Ethan Must Die!" Did you manage to finish it yet?
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02/23/2017 at 00:57. Facebook
Hello everyone!

From all of us at Capcom R&D Division 1, we just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your support with the successful and exciting launch of RE7! Our friends at "Invader Studios" also sent us celebratory congratulations on the RE7 launch - see below. Thank you, guys! We wish you good luck with your new survival horror Kickstarter “Daymare 1998” as well!

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Invader Studios™ on Twitter
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02/22/2017 at 21:00. Facebook
Grab Banned Footage Vol. 2, out now, for a deadly game of cards hosted by none other than Lucas Baker. #RE7
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02/21/2017 at 22:35. Facebook
Need to know what's in each DLC pack for #RE7? We've got you covered!
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02/21/2017 at 22:30. Facebook
Need to know what's in each DLC pack for #RE7? We've got you covered!
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02/21/2017 at 21:33. Facebook
Banned Footage Vol. 1 & 2 for Resident Evil 7 biohazard are out now for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam; Win10 coming soon! More details: [ Link ]
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02/20/2017 at 19:00. Facebook
Looking for something? Don't forget psychostimulants can help you find hidden items - perfect when you're hunting for Antique Coins!
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02/20/2017 at 09:02. Facebook
#RE7 has lots of hints about the mansion in the intro. See anything familiar?
Time for a celebration! Race against the clock and feed ol' Jack lots of tasty food in Jack's 55th Birthday, part of Banned Footage Vol. 2, available now on PS4 and on other platforms Feb 21! #RE7
Have you seen the 60-second TV spot for #RE7? If not, welcome to the family. Resident Evil 7 biohazard is out now for PS4, X1, and PC!
A beautiful poster made by Reddit user /u/Maritius! ❤
Are you ready for the weekend? Don't forget, #RE7 Banned Footage Vol. 2 is available now on PS4, coming to other platforms Feb 21!
Where's Mia? She's right here in this lovely art by esther-shen! [ Link ]
We have a plethora of new icons for you on our ResidentEvil.Net website! Log in and unlock them all!
Nice car, Ethan! Jack's been smacked over 3.4 million times. Find out how you stack up at ResidentEvil.NET! [ Link ]