Visit this link: [ Link ] and comment below to tell us what is the penalty for - 1. Driving without a valid license. 2. Driving by minor 3. Displaying 'Applied for‘
Make sure your driving license has your birth date mentioned clearly. Under age driving (below 18 years) is a punishable offence. #Facts #RespectTheRoad
In United States, traffic jams result in 5.7 billion work-hours of delay annually. #RespectTheRoad
Road trips are the best way to de-stress and explore the unexplored. Here are 10 routes that are bound to blow you away: [ Link ]
On this 67th #RepublicDay let’s pledge to make our roads safer for everyone. #RespectTheRoad
One of the most important & simplest road safety rules is - walking on the left side. Hit like if you follow this! #RespectTheRoad
Gurugram Police along with Road Safety Organization conducted a road safety program at Cyber Hub. Our very own #TrafficTau requested all to follow traffic rules and take the road safety pledge during the event. Gurgaon Traffic Police National Road Safety Organisation #RespectTheRoad

Gurugram cops organise street plays, quiz for road safety awareness - Times of India
#RoadSafetyWeek ends today but it shouldn't stop us from following the rules because our safety is in our own hands. #RespectTheRoad
“EVERYONE” jumps the red light when no one’s looking. Isn't that right? No.

Don’t follow everyone, #BeARebel. Especially when it comes to the road safety, and raising awareness about it. To mark the end of Road Safety Week, #RespectTheRoad urges everyone to #BeARebel, deviate from the usual and set an example for other motorists to follow. Because your safety is in your own hands.

So let...
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10 Golden Rules for Road Safety: Road safety matters round the year, take the pledge this week & spread the word. #RespectTheRoad #RoadSafetyWeek
10 Golden Rules for Road Safety:While the traffic moves, make way for others & #RespectTheRoad
10 Golden Rules for Road Safety: Control on the steering makes every ride safe and sound. #RoadSafetyWeek #RespectTheRoad
10 Golden Rules for Road Safety: Ride happy, be safe and always wear a helmet. #RespectTheRoad #RoadSafetyWeek
10 Golden Rules for Road Safety: Calls can wait, calamity might not. Stay safe on and off the road. #RoadSafetyWeek #RespectTheRoad
10 Golden Rules for Road Safety: Love your vehicle as much as you love yourself. Keep it fit and working. #RespectTheRoad #RoadSafetyWeek
10 Golden Rules for Road Safety: Go slow in crowded areas and respect everyone’s safety. #RoadSafetyWeek
10 Golden Rules for Road Safety: The wise follow the rules for others and themselves. #RoadSafetyWeek
10 Golden Rules for Road Safety: Seatbelts make life safer and easier. Keep them up & #RespectTheRoad #RoadSafetyWeek
When we make way for others, they make way for us. Be courteous & safe. #RoadSafetyWeek