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Rhapsody Of Fire
12/01/2016 at 15:56. Facebook
First day in studio for @roby_de_micheli! #guitar #studio #jawdrop #newmusic #comingsoon2017 #symphonicmetal
Rhapsody Of Fire
11/30/2016 at 16:04. Facebook
Alex wanted to share two important news with you!
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Check this Western cover from Giacomo followed by a message to all of you! Guess the song ;)
After the successful musical sneak peek introducing our new singer (with more than 200,000k views), we are now happy to show you the full video interview of Giacomo and the band, which includes more Distant Sky excerpts. We really want to thank all our fans for the great and loving support we have received so far! Despite the fact that the change of line-up has been difficult for most of you,...
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Born in Correggio in 1985, Giacomo Voli grows in the Emilia region (Italy) and falls in love with music thanks to his grandfather, Renato Bigi, who was an inspiring horn player and teacher at the local Conservatory.

When he's 17 years old he starts singing with his first garage-band doing covers of "Guns 'n Roses" and "Queen". This marks the beginning of his passion for singing.
Since 2003...
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Our new warrior!! Welcome Giacomo.
In this worldwide exclusive interview with the Italian webzine Loud and Proud Italy, you’ll read how Alex Staropoli, Roby de Micheli and Giacomo Voli himself clearly establish which are the imminent objectives of the band, while outlining some important aspects. The English version is included in the article.

RHAPSODY OF FIRE – Venti di cambiamento [Esclusiva Loudandproud.it]

We are extremely proud to announce that Giacomo Voli is the new singer of Rhapsody Of Fire. As you can imagine, we are very enthusiastic to have Giacomo in the band and we can promise you that, beside his beautiful voice, he has brought new energy that we are looking forward to unleashing. Stay tuned! More news and footage coming really soon!


Siamo estremamente orgogliosi di...
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HINT: European / 30-40 yo
Who could it be?
Today, the band speaks about their future and how the fans are helping them to go through this important transition.
We asked Roby, Alex and Alessandro what would be the assets of ROF's new singer. To sum up, a friendly personality is very important in addition to technique and passion, of course. As you can see, Roby can't stop practicing on his unplugged guitar as he's very inspired to perform and record songs with the new line-up! We'll be back tomorrow with one more video, stay tuned!
The three lads at the studio!
We have an important news to announce really soon! Stay tuned during the following weeks.
In an exclusive first interview with Metal Underground, Alex Staropoli speaks about the recent departures of Fabio and Alex Holzwarth and what the fans can expect from the next chapter of Rhapsody Of Fire.

Rhapsody Of Fire Talks Future Of The Band

My dear Rhapsody Of Fire fans!

Some of you may know, I wanted to do something different since a long time and I feel the time is right to focus my energies on other projects. This means I won't be able to play with Rhapsody Of Fire anymore. My bandmates have known about this and they are supportive. I know it comes very soon after Fabio’s leaving but I feel that's the best moment to do it as...
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