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The Chinese national who exposed himself as a rhino-horn trafficker and boasted about having the security minister as an associate was also a brothel owner.

Mahlobo’s 'spa' actually a brothel – Hawks

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WINDHOEK, 20 JAN (NAMPA) - Two Chinese men were arrested after they were found in possession of rhino horns in the capital on Friday morning. Namibian Police Fo

Two Chinese men arrested with rhino on Friday

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-- Kruger Ranger trial set to start in June --
SANParks employees, Regional Ranger Rodney Landela and Veterinary Technician Kenneth Motshotso appeared in court today to have their trial set for the 9th June 2017. They were arrested in July last year.
As per the UK's newspaper The Telegraph: "the men were arrested after junior rangers heard gunshots leading them to the fresh carcass of a...
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Court case today for one of the four most senior Kruger Park rangers...
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Three suspected rhino poachers from Limpopo will remain in custody until their bail hearing later this month.

Limpopo rhino poaching suspects to remain in custody until bail hearing

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Vietnam's wildlife trade is no longer on public display, but customers can still arrange travel guides or order deliveries through Facebook.

Inside Vietnam's hidden wildlife trade

The main reason to deny bail was the two policemen would be able to intimidate witnesses and access the information about the investigation on the police system.

Policemen granted bail in poaching case

Rhinos signal gender, age, and sexual availability in their poo, said a study Wednesday which suggested mammals may use communal dung heaps as social networking sites.

Dung heaps are rhinos' Facebook: study | Daily Maverick

Rhino Boere Mafia King Pins:

Nicolas Barend van Deventer (51), his brother Gideon Gerhardus van Deventer (48) and Onward Muchladngdna (41) appeared in the Louis Trichard Magistrates court yesterday. They were not asked to plead and they will appear again on the 16th of January
The case against three men who were found in possession of a rhino horn in Limpopo has been postponed.

Limpopo rhino poaching case postponed

At the beginning of the 20th century there were 500,000 rhinos across Africa and Asia. Now less that 30 thousand remain

Map Showing Where The Last Rhino's Remain On Earth

Who owns South Africa’s wild animals? It’s a question of life and death for many creatures that wander out of the Kruger National Park across unfenced boundaries with some adjoining private reserves. By DON PINNOCK.

Op-Ed: The problem of being Wild and a Wanderer | Daily Maverick


This map of Vietnam shows percentage of online consumers and potential consumers that express interest in purchasing wildlife products advertised on Facebook, according to province.

As seen, Ho Chi Minh City has the highest number of consumers for wildlife parts online (25%), followed by...
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Media have been buzzing over the New Year's holiday break with news that

The End of the Ivory Trade?

A scathing new report shows that key countries affected by wildlife crime have failed to halt poaching and illegal trafficking of endangered animals as a result of widespread corruption and inadequate law enforcement

Governments are not doing enough to stop wildlife crime

Today an injured Rhino cow was treated on Mankwe Way. The Rhino had been gored by another Rhino. We assume that it was a Rhino bull that was attempting to mate with her as there is no calf with her. Female Rhino will only mate with males that are more dominant over them.
The wound is VERY deep and there are even pieces of bone the Vet, Dr Gerhardus Scheepers, took out of the wound as seen on...
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An American biologist wields an innovative weapon against the illegal trade in African ivory

There's a New Tool in the Fight Against Elephant Poaching

FORMER Brave Warriors football team medic Gerson Kandjii and two other men arrested over the killing of two rhinoceroses at a farm in the Gobabis district shortly before Christmas are due to make a

Three charged over killing of rhinos - The Namibian

About 50 rhinos were last seen in the Akagera National Park in 2007.

Akagera National Park Rwanda To Bring Endangered Black Rhinos Back To Land In 2017