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The Kruger National Park (KNP) is tightening security at its southern gates in an attempt to protect rhinos and prevent poachers from accessing the park.

South Africa: No More Drop-Offs for Poachers

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The Sumatran rhino is the closest relative alive of the famous woolly rhinoceros that lived during the ice-ages. It is thought of as the most 'primitive' because of its hairy skin and other ancient characteristics

Sumatran Rhino - Endangered Rhinos - Save the Rhino

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Sam Hume talks to head vet Zulfi about his work at the Samatran rhino sanctuary.

Catch up from the rhinos, Sumatra, Project Hope - BBC

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Dr Sylvester Hlati collaborated with the park after noticing that poachers were often found in possession of muti.

KNP, traditional healers unite to fight rhino poaching

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“Three of the rhinos were found dead but their horns were still intact. We don’t know what the cause was. It could be natural causes such as old age disease or they could have died in a fight. We will do a post-mortem on the animals,” said South African National Parks (SANParks) Senior Investigator…

16 rhino carcasses found at the Kruger | SA News

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Some of the 46 rhino horns seized by Vietnamese Customs © Viet Nam Customs Ha Noi, Viet N...

TRAFFIC - Wildlife Trade News - Thorough investigations needed following major rhino horn seizures in SE Asia

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Ivo Vegter’s argument about rhino horn amounts to proposing that we pawn off the last of the family jewels because we no longer can afford the security needed to protect our legacy. By John Grobler.

Letter to the Editor: We need to kill off demand, not rhinos | Daily Maverick

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A chopper was dispatched and police raided the Elukwatini house.

Three suspects nabbed for possession of rhino horns

The fatal shooting incident occurred after a two-day operation in which nine suspected rhino poachers were arrested and four high-calibre rifles seized.

SANParks ranger killed in accidental shooting

While rhino owners have hailed draft regulations, others believe that reopening domestic trade will worsen illegal trade.

Only SA can save its rhinos | IOL

In 1990, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Special Agent colleague and I worked in Nevada on a mid-west based suspect offering to sell a Black Rhino horn for $20,000.  In a covert capacity I secured his knowledge and agreed to meet him at a new casino in Las Vegas for the transaction. My colleague and

WAN Undercover Investigator Sam Jojola Talks Rhino Horn Trafficking, Irish Gang Under Investigation For Killing White Rhino In French Zoo & Solutions - World Animal News

A poaching suspect arrested in Beitbridge at the Bubi Conservancy after a heated exchange of gunfire with game rangers while allegedly hunting the endangered rhino has skipped bail and is on the run.

Beitbridge rhino poaching suspect on the run - NewsDay Zimbabwe

There were 20,000 of them in 1970, according to EarthWatch Institute

Only 540 rhinos left in Kenya

South Africa has proposed partial lifting of the ban in the export of rhino horn.

KWS expresses concern over South Africa plan on rhino horn trade

Find out more about Javan Rhino Study and Conservation Area by visiting the Save the Rhino website. Visit us today for more.

JRSCA - Asian Rhino Conservation - Save the Rhino

A paper published in Conservation Letters criticises a R53 million plan to import 80 rhinos from SA to Australia for "safekeeping".

Rhino relocation plan 'patronising, disempowering' | IOL

BANGKOK — When two women, one arriving from Vietnam and another from Cambodia, attempted to waltz through a customs checkpoint at Bangkok’s international airport with illegal rhino horns in their luggage on Friday, they almost succeeded.

Rhino Horn Smugglers Had Police Escort at Suvarnabhumi Airport (Video)

The rhino horns were intercepted at Suvanrabhumi international airport on March 10. Arrest warrants have been issued for two females suspected to be involv

Saraburi prosecutor transferred for suspected involvement in rhino horns smuggling - Thai PBS English News

President Salva Kiir of South Sudan on Wednesday banned ivory trade in an attempt to curb poaching in the violence-plagued country, which is believed to have become a hub for ivory smugglers. While ivory trade has been banned internationally for decades, South Sudan has no national legislation on it...

South Sudan bans ivory trade for 10 years - BusinessDay : News you can trust