If you're already dreaming of summer, then be inspired by our 2017 RHS Shows. Our first show, the RHS London Early Spring Plant Fair (14-15 Feb), gets underway in less than a month! Visit for all the info on all our shows and to get your tickets.
How are your Hamamelis doing? Are they out and proud, waiting for the cold spell to end, or spoilt by recent frosts? This year my favourite is Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Harlow Carr’ - with so many lovely cultivars to choose from, I think is only fair that I change my favourite year on year!
- Becky, RHS Gardening Advice Team
Did you know soil is constantly emitting gases into the atmosphere (think back to science lessons and carbon cycle)? Well once frozen soil thaws there is a spike in gas emissions. With our increasingly mild winters where freeze/thawing cycles are more common, this leads to increased greenhouse gases emissions.

But gardeners can help reduce emissions by remembering to mulch! Mulching protects...
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Applications are now open for our Student and Apprentice placements starting in 2017. These are amazing opportunities to be paid while you learn in our world-class gardens. The possibilities are endless! Search in 'all gardens' for Apprentice or Student at .
Tips from the RHS Fruit, Vegetable and Herb Committee:
With summer fruiting raspberries such as Glen Ample, now is a good time to check that all the stubs of old fruiting canes are cut back to ground level. The stubs of old fruiting canes can act as a source of disease infection (e.g. cane blight) & also cause physical damage to the young canes as they emerge this spring & summer. See more...
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Step into the RHS Garden Wisley Glasshouse from today as it's transformed into a tropical paradise with more than 6,000 free-flying exotic butterflies! Plan your visit to see the Butterflies in the Glasshouse at (on until 5 March).
RHS Garden Rosemoor's first Narcissus is flowering in the Cottage Garden Orchard. N. 'Rijnveld's Early Sensation' AGM is living up to it's name by flowering nice and early! Have you got any early bloomers in your garden?
Catch up with all the latest news from the 2017 RHS Chelsea Flower Show at
With snow having already fallen or forecast to fall today, fear not for your garden - see our tips below and share with your friends!

- Snow can actually protect your plants from cold frost by acting as an insulator.
- Snow melt is also a welcomed water source for bulbs currently incubating below-ground :)
- Do check for heavy snow on evergreens as the extra weight can damage branches -...
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We have reached an exciting milestone at RHS Garden Bridgewater as the planning application for our 5th garden is submitted! See the latest info at , and enjoy some more conceptual images at .
A stunning plate of Hamamelis × intermedia proving that you can still have explosions of colour in your garden in January!
Are you thinking of growing carrots this year? Or have you given up on them because of pesky carrot flies? Our scientists have been trialing methods of carrot fly prevention to see which method gives you a nice clean, crunchy carrot. To catch up on the experiment so far see
- Becky, RHS Gardening Advice Team
Winter is cool… sure. But it can be full of hot colours, too - especially at RHS Garden Wisley where Cornus and Salix add vibrant colour all over the garden! Read more about our Plant of the Month at
Congratulations to Jo Stephen whose stunning photo won a close battle to win the social media category for December in the RHS Photo Competition! January's round is already well underway - if you want to get involved then visit for details.
Hooray, you made it to the first Friday in January! Let's celebrate with a bit of Crocus korokowii ‘January Gold’. What's flowering in your garden and making you see in the New Year with a smile? Crocuses are a symbol of cheerfulness, so here is a selection for you:
- Becky, RHS Gardening Advice Team
Composting your kitchen waste is one New Year’s resolution worth keeping. Don’t send it to landfills to decompose without oxygen and produce potent harmful gases - keep it at home in your compost bin, nicely mixed and aerated, to produce an excellent source of nutrients for your garden. Good for the environment, great for your garden :)
- Becky, RHS Gardening Advice Team
If you're already dreaming of summer, then be inspired by our 2017 RHS Shows, including the brand new RHS Chatsworth Flower Show - the photo below shows how stunning the location will be! To plan your day out see .
Thanks for all your amazing entries into the RHS Photo Competition social media category. Here are our top 10 photos from December's submissions, and now we need you to choose a winner. The photo with the most likes by midday Thursday will be our winner - good luck!
How about this for a New Year's resolution - design the garden of your dreams! Make 2017 the year to put pen to paper and make the plans happen; whether it’s a complete re-design or just a little re-jig, we have all you need at
- Becky, RHS Gardening Advice Team
Let's see the New Year in with a bang, with a display of garden fireworks - or sparklers, rockets and firecrackers to be exact! Flick through the photos to see our topical picks. Hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve :)