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Episode 10 of #WorkoutWednesday, the web series focusing on training techniques for #ClassicBodyBuilding, is here! Watch as Robert Timms demonstrates Drag Curls to help you put mass on your biceps!!
Episode 9 of #WorkoutWednesday, the web series focusing on training techniques for #ClassicBodyBuilding, is here! In this episode Robert Timms & I show off the different variations of crossover cables!!
Cardio is always part of my training regiment. Back in the day jogging to lean out was something I did to get into ripped condition. #cardioworkout #bodybuilding
Success does not just fall in your lap. It takes dedication, hard work, persistence, planning and time. #motivationalquotes #nevergiveup
#chestday pre-exhaustion principle with Incline cable flies #superset With Incline Cable presses. Cables are great for constant tension. 3X 12-15 on each. #hardcore #bodybuilding
The true meaning of Big Balls! Lol
I look like the Ghost of Christmas Past from #scrooge doing Walking lunges with Chains and DB's for reps of 12-15 each leg to hit the front thighs,hamstrings And Glutes 3x12-15 #glutes #gluteworkout #hamstringworkout #hardcore
I can't believe that it was 10 years ago my daughter Sofia was born! She has truly been a gift. #love #daughterlove
A different variation of Hammer curls are cable rope curls doing 21's. 7 extended position half way up. 7 from contracted position halfway down and 7 full reps 3x #bicepworkout #biceps #bicepsworkout
Live life to the fullest. Everyday is a learning experience in life. Love every minute of it!
Here is a great hardcore exercise to hit both upper thickness and lower back. Modified Barbell Rows/Deadlifts with chains. The Chains add progressive resistance so you really feel it on the contraction of the movement.
3x 10-12 reps #hardcore #classicphysique exercises #backexercise
Here is the 8th episode of #WorkoutWednesday with Robert Timms! This week we show off an old school exercise, T-Bar Rows!
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With @lee_haney_official and former IFBB Pro And actor @ralphmuller_ plus German IfBB judge.
Training partners can either push you to new limits or hold you back. At 20'years old I met @lee_haney_official who I had the privilege of being his training partner to win his first Mr. Olympia And me winning both the Nationals and Mr. Universe.
He taught me many training methods that helped me become a world champion and pushed Lee to train even harder.
Back in the #DragonsDen clanging and banging again hitting shoulders with barbell front presses with chains. 4 sets of 6-12 reps last set drop set for 8-10.
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#LEGENDARY @lee_haney_official joins @richgaspari on set of GI's NEW DocuSeries #ComingSoon #OriginalProgramming #GenerationIron #Network #gaspari #History #bodybuilding
Wrapped up at the @arnoldsports weekend with the title sponsorship of the #arnoldamateur and Expo Hall booth displaying the New Gaspari products like #precisionprotein and our New launch of the #NovedexXT #testosterone booster now available on the Gaspari Site! Check it out!
Great friend and competitor the Great @lee_haney_official 8 times Mr. Olympia and Lonnie Teper. We had a great talk about the good old days back when we were training partners and fierce competitors.
Winner of the @arnoldsports bodybuilding. @cedricmcmillan_