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Great day visiting the @musclefoodsusa Guys in Scranton to do training on all the New products.
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It's the middle of the week, which mean's another episode of #TeamGaspari's #WorkoutWednesday, the web series focusing on training techniques for #ClassicBodyBuilding! In episode 6, @richgaspari explains the old school style of the barbell hack squat with @mrclassicphysiq demonstrating!
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Official Gaspari Nutrition® has a new episode of #WorkoutWednesday, the web series focusing on training techniques for #ClassicBodyBuilding! This week I take on the old school style of the barbell hack squat with Robert Timms
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With the #TeamGaspari #MassStack (#SizeOn + #Halodrol) your body will GROW & grow FAST! Watch to learn more about the Mass Stack today!
Getting my weekend workout on #arms always love be changing around exercises on #armworkout this one is a variation of skull crushers using a double cable to work the tricep head with constant tension. 3-4x 10-12 does the trick.
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Great to see @gaspari is back in Sydney Australia. #nomnomnom thank you for the support!
I change around my Preworkout from #superpump250 to #superpumpmax and use my #aminolast for #repair and #rebuilding and #glycofuse for #glycogenreplenishment great Stack to get you the body you want.
This kid is a great motivator and pushes to the limit. Are you motivated to push to your best? #nevergiveup #motivation
At the #DragonsDen filming for @generationironofficial with Gaspari athlete @mike_balan to work rear delts are great to isolate the shoulders with reverse cable laterals in working the posterior head. Higher reps of 12-15
Filming at the #DragonsDen with @mike_balan IFBB Physique Pro trying some different exercises for shoulders.
#bobkennedy was a great advocate to bodybuilding with his magazines he published like #musclemaginternational that Gave excellent information on Health Bodybuilding and Fitness.
Age is just a number. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can slow down the aging process to life a more productive life to both feel And look younger. #ageisjustanumber #oldschool #oldisgold
Great Event at @undisputed_nutrition with @shawn_loiseau in front of his badass #lamborghini. Thank you for the support of #gaspari Brand!
Come check out the Grand Opening of with @shawn_loiseau with a great selection of #Gaspari products. Great time and great people!
#TBT being awarded the #arnoldlifetimewinner 2013 was a great honor to be recognized for my contributions to fitness. A very memorable day! #arnoldclassic
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Episode 3 of #WorkoutWednesday is here, #TeamGaspari's new web series focusing on training techniques for #ClassicBodyBuilding, featuring @richgaspari & @mrclassicphysiq. In this episode, Rich & Robert demonstrate the lost exercise of dumbbell pullovers!!
Going back to memory lane me with the great @flex_lewis 212 Mr. Olympia. We had great times together During the most exciting times in the growth of @gaspari nutrition. I think of Flex like my little brother and always gave him advice on my life lessons. He has become a great champion and I will always be proud of him. #friendship #lifelessons
The amazing church in Cologne Germany. It is beautiful at night to see! #kölnerweihnachtsmarkt #church
1st day at the Nascor B to B show. Doing a presentation on all the New products and giving away samples And talking to the European customers. #gaspari #supplements