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Great exercise to work the side delt tie in to the arm is One Arm Incline Side laterals. A favorite with Arnold but with DB's which I like cables to give constant tension on the side delts the entire time. 3-4x12-15
Watch as I teach Robert Timms Classic Physique Posing!
Great way to increase strength in your bench is to use chains.
This increases weight at the Point of contraction or top of movement. The weight gets heavier until full contracted.
Add to your bench press and watch your lifts go up!
If your in Hawaii come on over to see myself and other legendary pros like Shawn Ray
And Chris Cormier.
Great alternative to training is to do bench squats on a Smith Machine with chains to help with the concentric or "up" movement. Chain training is great to get more weight during time under tension to force a greater load on muscle during the hardest point of the lift.
Great exercise for middle tricep head is the overhead cable tricep extension.
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Important read, FDA: Massive Attack on Supplements

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FDA: Massive Attack on Supplements

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Supersetting Leg Press with Hack squats training inner and outer thighs
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Great supersets on back for width and thickness
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