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02/19/2017 at 20:32. Facebook
It’s muscle memory, this business of riding a bike. The first tiny touch of counter steer to initiate the turn, feeling rather than seeing t

Story of A biker's sunday | DRIVETRIBE
A big thanks to all that made it to our DRIVETRIBE tribe leader event last night. Let's do it again some time.

3 idiots storm event last night | DRIVETRIBE
Just a reminder. Clarkson, May and me will be doing a live video Q & A on the DRIVETRIBE Facebook page. See link below to set a reminder.
Tonight pinky, perky and me will be going live 8:00pm GMT for a live video Q&A. See the link below for more details/ set a reminder.
Just a hint of watery sunshine peeking round the shed doors yesterday was enough to overcome my feeble resistance: Salt on the roads or not,

First sign of sunshine and I had to get it out. | DRIVETRIBE
Here are some of my behind the scenes photos from series 1.

Grand Tour season 1 is complete | DRIVETRIBE
Tune in tonight 7:30PM GMT for the season finale on Amazon and join us in conversation on DRIVETRIBE: [ Link ]
Join me and Bill&Ben to watch the last episode of this series of Grand Tour together, 7:30pm GMT Friday. You know the score by now: get the

Tell me what you think of my skidmarks | DRIVETRIBE
Pure filth here, click with caution.

My dirty weekend | DRIVETRIBE
Come and join us again tonight at 7:30pm GMT for another Grand Tour watch along. James and I will be answering your questions on this week's episode in real time, on my tribe (See link below).

We're trying something new here. And sort of old. Yes, the whole point of modern on-demand media is that you watch something when you damn

The Grand Tour watch along | DRIVETRIBE
In two hours (7:30pm GMT) we will start watching this week's episode of The Grand Tour, "Italian Lessons". Head to my tribe on DRIVETRIBE to get involved with our live commentary.

Join us and watch along tonight at 7:30 GMT with this week’s episode of The Grand Tour. See vid for further details. Comment along with us here: [ Link ]
Watch The Grand Tour along with us tomorrow and get involved with live written commentary from May and me.

The Grand Tour Watch-Along

Saw news of a Diesel Ducati and some sick came up. Then I read it..

Diesel Ducati? | DRIVETRIBE
"As appropriate here as nipple tassels on a barrister..."

Quick & dirty review of Audi S5 | DRIVETRIBE
We're live! Follow the link to join the debate. Pickup truck or supercar?

Pick-up truck or supercar? | DRIVETRIBE
20 minutes to go until James and I host the discussion: "Pickup truck or supercar?" on DRIVETRIBE follow the link and join the tribe to get involved.

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