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Took a quick break from filming to say hi to some fans! #bestfans #gasmonkey #fastnloud
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Can only imagine what they will be making with Legos in the next ten years.

This Working V6 LEGO Pneumatic Engine is Incredible
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02/27/2017 at 01:25. Facebook
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What a beautiful build, while sporting a 490 cubic inch Hemi under the hood.

Tim Allen’s Badass 1956 Ford Truck With a NRE 490 Hemi
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Richard wasn't amused.... #gasmonkey #fastnloud
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And this is the exact reason they have these trucks ramps.

Runaway Truck Ramp Saves The Day and a Truckers Life
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In all her glory!
This is great! Anybody else find them selves watching this over and over?

They Just Jumped a General Lee at Autorama, It Looks Like the Car is Hurt - 75+ft!
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Thanks for being the real deal Gas Monkey Fans!!
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This dog's hat game is on point!! #GYSOT
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Had a great time this weekend at the Rustic for the Best Beard in Dallas event. 2016 event started with roughly 100 or so supporters fast forwarding to 2017 I am told we had somewhere near 600 in attendance! #GYSOT #gasmonkey #bestbeardsIndallas #bbid
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It’s definitely cool to see these diesel drag trucks race down the track.

The Most Violent Launches in Diesel Truck Racing!
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5 days left to bid on our 1970 Camelot Cruiser RV Ford C 900 Tractor Trailmobile Trailer.

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When it comes to sprint boats this one stands out from the rest. Wait till it revs, its one pissed off four rotor boat!

Nasty Methanol Burning 4 Rotor Engine in a Boat
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With a couple of small tweaks would let this bad boy breathe life once again and scream to life.

454 Chevy engine sitting for 10 yrs 86,000 actual miles
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