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Army Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster is highly respected in the military and he has a long and noteworthy history of service to our country. Currently director of the Army Capabilities Integration Center, McMaster is a decorated combat veteran who has the knowledge, judgment and temperament to become Director of the National Security Council.

I am sure my neighbors in Georgia as well as my...
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Trump selects Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as national security adviser

Rick Allen
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Obamacare has provided nothing but hardships for the average American family and it’s time for the constant disappointment to end. That’s why several of my Georgia colleagues and I are working on a replacement plan formed around “A Better Way,” which will provide more choices and lower costs for all of us.

This new plan will offer you the freedom and flexibility required to pick the plan that...
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Giving CPR to U.S. health insurance system

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Today, as we celebrate the birthday of our nation’s first president, George Washington, let us remember all of America’s presidents for their dedication and leadership. Who is your favorite U.S. president and why?
Rick Allen
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In a battle between President Trump and the liberal media, Trump will win every time. Liberal media does not realize how out of touch they truly are with average Americans.

Trump: 'Fake media not happy’ with press conference

I am currently working with my colleagues on a letter to House leadership requesting that we repeal sequestration and bolster defense spending. Now, with a new Administration and a unified Congress, it is my hope that we can close the military readiness gap, and that each new day means we are safer than we were the day before.

Defense spending changes could reach Fort Gordon

Our White House has provided solid evidence as to why President Trump's executive order on immigration is a necessary action. The temporary travel ban involving countries with suspected terrorist ties has been done to increase our safety.

President Trump is doing his duty as Commander-in-Chief. Our national security is and must always be THE top priority in Washington.

White House fires back at immigration order critics with list of terror arrests

Our national security must always be the top priority in Washington. This evening, President Trump’s recent executive order on immigration will be considered by three federal judges. The president’s action is a strong and necessary step toward keeping Americans safe.

Trump's Immigration Order Is Both Legal and Constitutional

I commend the actions of the Trump Administration today, imposing much-needed new sanctions on Iran. This rogue nation has proven time and time again that it cannot be trusted.

It’s time that we finally took a definitive stand. Thank you, President Trump, for your strength and leadership.
I applaud President Trump for his nomination of Conservative Judge Neil Gorsuch for U.S. Supreme Court. Judge Neil Gorsuch has proven himself to be more than qualified to fill this position, and I look forward to his confirmation.

Trump picks Colo. appeals court judge Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court

Our president’s first and most important job is to protect our homeland and keep the American people safe. That’s what this new executive order will do until the legislative branch can reform our visa process and the vetting of refugees. We must continue to prioritize American safety, and this is the first step in making that possible.

Trump's immigration ban sends shockwaves

Today marks one week since President Trump took office. The executive orders that have already been signed are evidence of the progress that is possible under this administration.

I look forward to seeing what will happen in the next few months. It’s an exciting time in Washington! Thank you, President Trump!
I am proud to be one of the 238 House members who voted yesterday in favor of life. I voted to prevent our nation’s capital, Washington, DC, from using local tax dollars to subsidize abortions.

EVERY life is precious—from conception to natural death—and I will continue my efforts in Congress defending all life.

House Republicans pass bill that would block D.C. funding for abortion

Today, President Trump began the process of reviving the Keystone XL pipeline project. Keystone XL will not only create additional jobs for the American people, but it will also broaden U.S. energy independence.

If finalized, the Keystone XL pipeline stands to carry a lot—not just oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast, but plenty of economic opportunity along the way.

Trump Revives Keystone Pipeline Rejected by Obama

Friday marked a significant turn in the direction of our nation’s government. 2017 is going to be a great year as we welcome fresh ideas, our new president and a Republican majority in both the House and Senate, following eight long years of failed liberal policies.

I am honored to have the opportunity to continue representing our shared conservative values in Washington. Now, it’s time for...
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Congressman Rick Allen previews the work facing the 115th Congress

When I read articles like this, I could not be happier that today is President Obama's last full day in office. LIKE if you agree.

Obama decision to free FALN terror group leader sparks outrage

Yesterday, the House voted to reject the anti-Israel UN resolution. President Obama turned his back on Israel when his administration failed to stand by our only ally in the Middle East. This is a betrayal of the worst kind. I stand with Israel. Like and share if you agree.
Blessings this Christmas from the Allen Family to Yours!