Rick Allen
03/21/2017 at 19:25. Facebook
Please join me as we celebrate #NationalAgDay. Agriculture is Georgia’s #1 industry, and the people involved are definitely first in my book. For every farmer, every 4-H club, every FFA member and advisor; to everyone involved in agriculture: THANK YOU.
Rick Allen
03/20/2017 at 21:10. Facebook
Today marks the first day of Spring. Americans will also see this as the official beginning of spring cleaning—when we all examine carefully what we have, and decide what we need to discard. In Washington, that is a LONG list.

Start with job-killing regulations and include tax loopholes, bureaucracy and red tape, and everyone’s least favorite healthcare plan—we have a lot of spring cleaning...
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A Time for Renewal

Rick Allen
03/19/2017 at 00:34. Facebook
Enjoyed attending the Columbia County Convention this morning and sharing my thoughts on what's going on in Washington.

What's your take on the current political landscape?
Rick Allen
03/17/2017 at 16:12. Facebook
Today, we’re all Irish! How will you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? No matter what your plans are, have a fun and safe weekend! #StPatricksDay
Sounds like a pretty good cut. Don't you think?

Trump's proposed budget seeks major cuts to UN programs

Our ally South Korea is constantly threatened by their neighbor, North Korea. This rogue nation operates by its own set of rules without regard to the rest of the world. We must stand strong to support our friends and to oppose unpredictable dictatorships.

North Korea threatens US with ‘merciless’ attacks

President Trump is working to increase defense spending by nearly $54 billion next year. If Congress approves the proposed budget, Fort Gordon would see a dramatic impact.

Cyber-security is the new frontier in warfare. Our folks at Fort Gordon are doing a great job. It’s vital that we get our soldiers the resources they require to successfully fight this battle. I look forward to seeing...
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Defense budget increase could have major impact on Fort Gordon

Want to have dinner with President Donald J. Trump?

Enter today for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend the BIGGEST Republican event of the year, stay in a TRUMP Hotel and have dinner with President Trump. Don't miss out - enter today - it will be YUGGGGE!

Join President Donald J. Trump for March Dinner

In spite of an activist judiciary and obstructionist liberals in Congress, President Trump boldly forges ahead with his campaign promise—helping keep Americans safe with his newly signed travel ban.

This temporary order is a necessary action to prevent potential attacks by terrorists on our soil. American safety begins at our borders, and we must take the measures required to keep unvetted...
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Trump just signed a new travel ban. Here's what changed

36 hours have passed since President Trump’s first address to Congress, and yet Democrats continue their petty complaints and snap judgments concerning the presence of the widow of slain Navy SEAL, William Ryan Owens, who died a hero. It was a moment that went above and beyond mere politics (Republican vs. Democrat), and all who failed to realize that should be ashamed.

In President Trump’s...
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Trump stuns media detractors with 'extraordinary' speech but Washington Post, others still go to war

If you think President Trump’s speech last night was a home run—as I do—sign our petition to show your support! Let’s tell our president together how much it means to have new, positive energy in the White House.

A Home Run for President Trump

Premiums have exploded, insurers are backing out, the exchanges are going bankrupt—Obamacare is in a death spiral. Anyone can see that. Many counties around the country currently have only one insurance carrier. That can’t work. A choice of one is no choice at all.

The only way to bring down costs is through competition. It’s time to restore the marketplace, which has pretty much been...
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Allen hopes to vote on ACA replacement by Easter

National security is the top concern and priority in our country. The mission at Fort Gordon and in Augusta is very important in addressing this issue. The U.S. is unquestionably the best in the world at conventional warfare—and we are soon going to be the best in the world in cyber.

I am amazed at the dedication and expertise of our soldiers and our civilian professionals to deal with issues...
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Congressman Allen sees cyber operations close up

Army Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster is highly respected in the military and he has a long and noteworthy history of service to our country. Currently director of the Army Capabilities Integration Center, McMaster is a decorated combat veteran who has the knowledge, judgment and temperament to become Director of the National Security Council.

I am sure my neighbors in Georgia as well as my...
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Trump selects Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as national security adviser

Obamacare has provided nothing but hardships for the average American family and it’s time for the constant disappointment to end. That’s why several of my Georgia colleagues and I are working on a replacement plan formed around “A Better Way,” which will provide more choices and lower costs for all of us.

This new plan will offer you the freedom and flexibility required to pick the plan that...
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Giving CPR to U.S. health insurance system

Today, as we celebrate the birthday of our nation’s first president, George Washington, let us remember all of America’s presidents for their dedication and leadership. Who is your favorite U.S. president and why?
In a battle between President Trump and the liberal media, Trump will win every time. Liberal media does not realize how out of touch they truly are with average Americans.

Trump: 'Fake media not happy’ with press conference

I am currently working with my colleagues on a letter to House leadership requesting that we repeal sequestration and bolster defense spending. Now, with a new Administration and a unified Congress, it is my hope that we can close the military readiness gap, and that each new day means we are safer than we were the day before.

Defense spending changes could reach Fort Gordon

Our White House has provided solid evidence as to why President Trump's executive order on immigration is a necessary action. The temporary travel ban involving countries with suspected terrorist ties has been done to increase our safety.

President Trump is doing his duty as Commander-in-Chief. Our national security is and must always be THE top priority in Washington.

White House fires back at immigration order critics with list of terror arrests

Our national security must always be the top priority in Washington. This evening, President Trump’s recent executive order on immigration will be considered by three federal judges. The president’s action is a strong and necessary step toward keeping Americans safe.

Trump's Immigration Order Is Both Legal and Constitutional