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Rick Astley
01/21/2017 at 19:00. Facebook
Final rehearsal at Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms, Las Vegas... tour starts tonight!! smarturl.it/RAtickets
Rick Astley
01/19/2017 at 20:00. Facebook
Final days of rehearsal for my US tour.... Keep an eye on this page for a preview!
Rick Astley
01/18/2017 at 20:00. Facebook
Who do you turn to, who do you call, to find the love you need?
Rick Astley
01/17/2017 at 18:00. Facebook
So happy, tasted the beer Mikkel has brewed for me and I love it!
Rick Astley
01/16/2017 at 20:00. Facebook
Winter walks are fantastic, aren't they? Rick x
One week until I start my US tour in Vegas! Yeah! Let me know if you're coming to one of the dates - Rick x smarturl.it/RAtickets
This song was released exactly 29 years ago... can you believe it?!
Who has a copy of '50' at home? Rick x bmg.lnk.to/RickAstley50
Have you got tickets to my US tour yet? Rick x smarturl.it/RAtickets
The name is Astley... Rick Astley! smarturl.it/RAtickets
We're all ready to hit the road soon! Who's coming to one of the US dates? smarturl.it/RAtickets
I went to the dark side, created a beer and Munchies Danmark caught it all on camera! Anyone got any suggestions for a name?
My first passion...
'50' was a really great album to work on... Let It Rain is one of my favourite songs I wrote for it. bmg.lnk.to/RickAstley50
Which songs would you like to hear during my US tour? Rick x smarturl.it/RAtickets
Thanks for a fantastic 2016 !
Here's to a great 2017 !!
Wine O'clock, cheers. This is the song that started everything for me this year! bmg.lnk.to/RickAstley50
Counting down the days until 2017. Looking forward to doing a lot of shows next year... let me know below if you're coming to one of them!
Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you have a great day - Rick x