We must continue #FightingForFloridaJobs. Share to tell the politicians in Tallahassee to market our state and compete for jobs!
Thank you to everyone who stood with me at the Rally for Florida Jobs. I will never stop fighting for our jobs!
Happy Birthday to the greatest state in the union.
Proud to share this moment with my grandson. Welcome to Florida, Mr. President.
I am proud to have been elected vice chair of the Republican Governors Association. Let's Get to Work electing some fantastic Governors.

Florida Governor Rick Scott Elected RGA Vice Chairman – RGA

Seven of the top 10 beaches ranked as the best in the nation by a travel ratings website are in Florida.

TripAdvisor: 7 of top 10 beaches are in Florida

Proud to kick off Republican Governors Association Panel this morning. Let's Get to Work!
Many politicians spend a lifetime in government and they simply don’t have any understanding of how business actually works. These are the facts that confirm the negligence of eliminating our jobs and tourism agencies generating jobs.

Florida House is Playing Politics with Families’ Jobs

Today we honor George Washington and all the men who have served as commander in chief. Happy President’s Day!
If we stop marketing our state for jobs, for tourism, we're going to get less jobs. Period.

Scott makes case for incentives, tourism funding

Some in the FL legislature are playing politics, and their games will kill FL jobs.We must continue to invest in job growth and tourism in Florida. We're competing to create jobs for Florida families, and it's working. #LetsGetToWork
When Judge Gorsuch was appointed to the Tenth Circuit, the Senate approved him unanimously. No one objected. In business, this sort of appointment is what we would call a no-brainer. He has a solid track record of judicial philosophy and is a federalist who respects state rights.

Judge Gorsuch supremely qualified for high court

Creating more jobs in Florida is one of the most important things we can do for our state, for job creation, and for struggling families.

Rick Scott stresses need for economic incentive dollars during Enterprise Florida meeting - Florida Politics

President Obama enacted a massive expansion of the welfare state. And, not surprisingly, Obamacare has resulted in widespread increases in premiums and costs are expected to continue increasing.

Rick Scott: GOP shouldn't hesitate to repeal Obamacare

Cutting taxes helps generate economic activity. When we cut taxes, it helps businesses create jobs - jobs that ultimately help the poorest, most disadvantaged families in our state.

Florida governor wants more than $600 million in tax cuts

I want to thank the hard working law enforcement officers from the local, state and federal levels for their continued dedication to help find answers to this horrific terrorist attack that killed 49 innocent people. I hope today’s news provides some comfort to the families who are mourning their loved ones.

FBI arrests wife of Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen