The #51 has cleared tech and is ready to battle in the 2nd Duel! Go gett'em @TimmyHillracer! @Spoonfulofmusic @BubbaBurger @LillyTrucking @XAviation
Rick Ware Racing
yesterday at 18:35. Facebook
A few pics from Daytona! @SpoonfulofMusic, @GruntStyle, @BubbaBurger, @1800Popcorn, @LillyTrucking, @XAviation, @SupportMilitary
Rick Ware Racing
02/22/2017 at 18:41. Facebook
@SpencerBoyd @Gruntstyle, @1800popcorn machine going thru tech
Rick Ware Racing
02/19/2017 at 15:31. Facebook
Rick Ware Racing
02/18/2017 at 14:01. Facebook
Good Morning from Daytona!
Ready for Daytona!
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you Dave Mitchell, love and miss you!
Thank you to all our sponsors for your support this year! Ready for the last Green Flag of 2016!
Thank you to all that serve and have served to protect our Freedom!
Good Morning from Phoenix! Check out the #49 of @Napier_Bryce88!
Survived a lot of attrition today by nursing the 07 to a 21st place finish. We got caught up in the last big one and sustained severe nose damage. Temps running high last laps. Thank you to @LillyTrucking, @CarportEmpire and @Dashub. Thank you to 07 crew for keeping us out there all day!
Made single car runs in 1st practice just getting dialed in for qualifying and race tomorrow @TalladegasuperS
In the 07 @LillyTrucking /Dashub Truck!
The @LillyTrucking/@Dashhubauto going through tech @TalladegaSuperS!
Oil line broke in qualifying for the #25 of Chris Cockrum and oiled down his tires. Pulling back up out. Thanks to Advanced Communications and @LillyTrucking
We had a great time in Canada! Thank you to Bobby Dotter, the crew and Joe Lax (CC) for all their hard work! The Pelecoin/ @LillyTrucking finished 17th!
Happy 29th (again) to the Boss Man, Rick Ware!
Cody Ware ready to turn left and right today at Watkins Glen! The Zippo 200 is about to get started! 82 laps is the race distance!