Rick Ware Racing
03/26/2017 at 21:36. Facebook
This marks the end of Stage 2! We are so blessed to be able to have partners like BUBBA Burger, Spoonful of Music, and Lilly Trucking... They make what we do possible!
Rick Ware Racing
03/26/2017 at 16:31. Facebook
Rick Ware Racing
03/26/2017 at 16:28. Facebook
Our #BUBBABurger #ACS20 paint looks amazing!

Catch Timmy Hill and crew go to work on FOX this afternoon!
Rick Ware Racing
03/26/2017 at 16:03. Facebook
Good Morning from Fontana! Thank you @BubbaBurger and Andy Stenson for a your support!
Rick Ware Racing
03/25/2017 at 15:59. Facebook
How awesome does our #20thAnniversary Auto Club Speedway #BUBBABurger paint scheme look??
Rick Ware Racing
03/25/2017 at 15:37. Facebook
Timmy Hill heading out for practice 2 of the weekend!

Our BUBBA Burger, Lilly Trucking, DASHUB Team Chevy looks awesome‼
Had a great weekend in Phoenix! @TimmyHillracer did an awesome job! Want to say thank you to our hardworking crew that has worked so tirelessly on this West Coast Swing! Thanks Phil Cavali for the awesome pics!
Timmy Hill's comments after the #CampingWorld500 at Phoenix Raceway!

#NASCARGoesWest #BubbaBurgerGoesWest
Awesome job by @TimmyHillracer today in the. #51 @Spoonfulofmusic, @BubbaBurger, @LillyTrucking Chevy today in Phoenix!
Our 5⃣1⃣ Team Chevy driven by Timmy Hill looks good from up here????
Be sure to catch our Spoonful of Music, Bubba Burger, Lilly Trucking, DASHUB Auto Team Chevy during qualifying at 7:45 pm ET, 4:45 local time here from Phoenix Raceway‼
Congratulations to Julie Bosely for winning the hat signed by Timmy Hill!

Please message us your mailing information!
Timmy Hill wheels our DASHUB, Bubba Burger, Lilly Trucking Team Chevy.

Catch #NASCARGoesWest first race, and the first event for our #BubbaBurgerGoesWest Promotion‼
After a shakedown run, Timmy and team are going to work on race runs for the remainder of practice!
Our DASHUB Team Chevy is heading out for practice NOW on FS1‼

Big thanks to Bubba Burger and Lilly Trucking as well for their support!
Rolling through tech here at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, we want to thank DASHUB, Bubba Burger and Lilly Trucking for their support of our 51 Team Chevy.

Timmy Hill will wheel this in practice right now on FS1 and in Qualifying at 7:30 pm ET on FS2!
A few pics of our @Dashubauto / @BubbaBurger in Vegas Baby!
Our #BubbaBurgerGoesWest Road Trip is just getting started as we stop here in Las Vegas! We're having some fun! Stay tuned as we provide more Bubba Burger giveaways!
We JUST got into New Mexico for #BubbaBurgerGoesWest and #NASCARGoesWest and Cody Ware is giving away a Bubba Burger hat!