Remembering a great man on what would have been his 59th birthday. RIP Rik you legend! We would love for you all to share your memories and favourite Rik moments with us today :)
Ha ha ha ha ha
β€œI miss him when certain jokes or phrases come to my mind that I know he’d laugh at,” says Edmondson. β€œJennifer gets 95 per cent of my jokes, but there’s that little section of humour that [only] he got. When we met, we were the same person: we had performed the same function at separate schools β€” the person who did the plays β€” and we turned up [at Manchester] with the same record collection...
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Beattie Edmondson: I remember asking mum if she was Jennifer Saunders
RIP Carrie Fisher β™‘
Richie: Right, trick or ruddy treat!
Eddie: I thought that was my line!
Richie: Oh! Oh who'd be an eight-year-old!

Happy Halloween!
25 years ago, this is how you came home with a new Bottom :)
'I'm a heavy metal farmer. I've got lots of heavy metal animals'...

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Bad News - Heavy Metal Farmer

He's got lots of heavy metal animals.