“I miss him when certain jokes or phrases come to my mind that I know he’d laugh at,” says Edmondson. “Jennifer gets 95 per cent of my jokes, but there’s that little section of humour that [only] he got. When we met, we were the same person: we had performed the same function at separate schools — the person who did the plays — and we turned up [at Manchester] with the same record collection...
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Beattie Edmondson: I remember asking mum if she was Jennifer Saunders

RIP Carrie Fisher ♡
Richie: Right, trick or ruddy treat!
Eddie: I thought that was my line!
Richie: Oh! Oh who'd be an eight-year-old!

Happy Halloween!
25 years ago, this is how you came home with a new Bottom :)
'I'm a heavy metal farmer. I've got lots of heavy metal animals'...

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Bad News - Heavy Metal Farmer

He's got lots of heavy metal animals.

Remember, Kevin's 'ere.
Colin 'The College Boy' Grigson ;)