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In theatres from today.
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Khasak is coming to Cochin!!!

Rotary Cochin United bringing them down and the entire funds generated will be used to develop the Reconstructive department at General Hospital.

You don't want to miss this spectacular theatre production.
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The bridge.

When you stand below the man made root bridges in Meghalaya after trekking 3500 steps downhill and uphill and over hanging bridges and waterfalls and flowing rivers, you are awe struck. By the pure ingenuity and resourcefulness of thought of our past generations. Their wisdom.

And heart warmed by how the present generation is guarding it as a scared treasure.

They are living...
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Never lose your sense of wonder
At a time when the world is divided on the lines of gender, class, caste and religion and in a time when the government itself is cancelling funds for Dalit research, a strong alternative dialogue platform is much needed for educating ourselves , understanding each other and igniting empathy.

All the best to the Freethinkers Meet 2017.
Summer fun at Mamangam - The School of Dance. #dance #music #rhythm #plantsandnature #vegancooking #scupturing #books #movies #mamangam #kochievents #rimakallingal

First Annual Summer Camp at Mamangam

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Sarah aunty and Thaha Ibrahim.

Director: Harshad Ali | Ajay Menon
DOP: Ajay Menon
Editor: Gilly Gilly
Associate Director: Thakku
Associate Cameraman: Jaffer Zadique
Research Support: Taha Ibrahim
Colourist: Amal Ayyappan
Music: Adarsh S Nath
Biennale Footage: Anto
#MyLatestWork #TheLastJewsOfKochi
papaya media Papaya Studio

#people #life #fullcircle

Sarah Aunty's Embroidery Shop: The Last Jews Of Kochi | Unique Stories From India

The touching relationship between one of the last Jewish residents of Kochi and her Muslim caretaker. Sarah Cohen's Hand Embroidery is a world famous store s...

Our Little Free Library at Mamangam - The School of Dance was inaugurated by Sub Collector Adheela Abdullah and our dear friends and Kerala State award winning() script writer Syam Pushkaran and Film Maker Dileesh Pothan.

Thank you so much for making our day brighter❤
Come dance with us

Call us at 9744210101/9744930303

#contemporary #kalari #zumba #yoga #hiphop #salsa #theatre #strengthtraining
Stay Tuned for our Music Release. Thank You folks! #ANP04 #ComradeInAmerica
Starting off a Little Free Library at Mamangam.

Inspired by the one at 8 Point Art Cafe , we couldn't help but latch on to this brilliant idea of how you can exchange books. You bring a book to the library and you can exchange it for any book we have:)

Welcome to a world of books, ideas, sharing and creativity at Mamangam - The School of Dance.

We have some fun book reading and story...
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Taarika John.
We are indeed at crossroads when it comes to gender sensitivity and gender equality and a movie highlighting the issues that women deal in day today life will surely unravel the many layers of the problems we face.

All the very best to this beautiful venture.

Crossroad is a portmanteau movie celebrating womanhood and tells the story of ten women.

The movie encompasses ten featurette...
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