Riot Games
02/16/2017 at 19:08. Facebook
What went right, what went wrong, and what did we learn from the six new champions added to League of Legends in 2016?

On the Champions of 2016
Riot Games
02/15/2017 at 19:00. Facebook
A totally not technical overview of the League of Legends client UI architecture.

Under the Hood of the League of Legends Client UI
Rioters explain the rigorous process of realizing a two-faced Teemo.

Rigging Nightmares: Tech Art Meets the Devil
Two of our engineers work to improve that which enables online services at Riot Games.

Running Online Services at Riot: Part III
We pull back the curtain on the Riot Rumble, and two teams destined to clash in an epic showdown, because whatever else they are, they’re definitely (not) rivals.

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Riot Rumble
Warwick and the Assassin update are live. What’s next for the League of Legends Champion Update team?

State of Champion Update
How does Riot Games think about making money?

On League’s Business Model
Low-priority queue, Lee Sin vs. Teemo, and localizing Mechs vs. Minions...

Ask Riot: Banished to Prisoner’s Island
Blood in the heavens. Blood on the earth.
Riot Games has announced a long-term partnership with BAMTech, a subsidiary of MLB Advanced Media, for the monetization and commercialization of League of Legends esports. The two companies will be working together to “push the boundaries of the esports viewing experience” in League of Legends. MLB

Riot Games and MLB Advanced Media unveil $50 million annual League of Legends partnership through 2023
Join us NOW for the start of our 24-hour charity livestream!

leagueoflegends - Twitch
Join Rioters and special guests this Friday for a 24-hour livestream to raise money for charity. We'll be playing League of Legends, Mechs vs Minions, and more of our favorite games. [ Link ]
The things we leave behind: Narrative hooks in large-scale story universes

/Dev: On Story Hooks