All flatfish are born upright like a normal fish. They flatten and slide their eye around their heads afterwards. #TuesdayTidbit
Happy #StPatricksDay from our Red Irish Lord! #FeaturedFishFriday
We're not sea horsing around when we say we're closing early at 5pm tomorrow. Please plan your visit accordingly!
Octopuses have three hearts and blue blood. #TuesdayTidbit
Our zebra sharks are both female, but it’s worth noting that this species has been documented to undergo parthenogenesis; that is, reproduction without a male present. #FeaturedFishFriday
Please plan your March Break visit accordingly.
Lobsters communicate by peeing at each other. They have urine nozzles just under their eyes. #TuesdayTidbit
Unicorn fish have a strange horn on their head, but when they fight they use spines on their tail, not their horns. #FeaturedFishFriday
Escape to the tropics in the heart of downtown Toronto.
Our sister Aquarium, Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies, has been nominated by USA TODAY for Best Aquarium in the United States!

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Tuesday morning sessions starting March 7 now on sale!

Morning Yoga at the Aquarium!
Not all fish live in water! Atlantic mud-skippers are amphibious, which means they are able to live at sea and on land. #FeaturedFishFriday
Since opening in late 2013, we've recycled well over 100 million litres of gallery water! #TuesdayTidbit
Take a study break under the sea this Reading Week!

Post-Secondary Students SAVE 25% on admission!
Happy Family Day from our fishy family to yours! Remember to tell your loved ones you 'lake' them a lot ❀
Stonefish are the most venomous and deadly fish in the world, and can easily blend into rocky ocean floors. Watch your step! #FeaturedFishFriday
Swimming by this #FamilyDay long weekend? We're open 9-11pm!
Did you know we do not allow balloons in the Aquarium? Balloons can travel thousands of miles and land as harmful litter, putting animals that try to eat them or get entangled in the string at risk.

This Valentine's Day, remember... don't let go of your heart balloons!

We're not clowning around when we say we're closing early at 5pm this evening! Please plan your Valentine's Day accordingly.