Stonefish are the most venomous and deadly fish in the world, and can easily blend into rocky ocean floors. Watch your step! #FeaturedFishFriday
Swimming by this #FamilyDay long weekend? We're open 9-11pm!
Did you know we do not allow balloons in the Aquarium? Balloons can travel thousands of miles and land as harmful litter, putting animals that try to eat them or get entangled in the string at risk.

This Valentine's Day, remember... don't let go of your heart balloons!

We're not clowning around when we say we're closing early at 5pm this evening! Please plan your Valentine's Day accordingly.
Whether you're hooked or still fishing, we wish everyone a Valentine's Day full of love and laughter! ❀
Seahorses form a bond with their mate. However, that bond typically only lasts through a single breeding season or until a more attractive female comes along. #FeaturedFishFriday
Find your inner zen in the heart of the sea.

Morning Yoga at the Aquarium
Animal husbandry (caring for animals) is a human skill that dates back at least to Neolithic times - 10,000 years ago. #TuesdayTidbit
Escape to a tropical oasis and SAVE this February!

Ripley's Family Passport ($150 Value For Only $80!)
Join us Friday, Feb 10 for Friday Night Jazz: Sea of Love!

Friday Night Jazz: Sea of Love Edition
Did you know that our Planet Jellies gallery features the largest kreisel tank in the entire world? #TuesdayTidbit
We aren't sea-horsing around when we say we're closing early at 6pm this evening. Please plan your deep sea visit accordingly.
Never be afraid to reach trout to someone. #BellLetsTalk
Our white tiled roof reflects sunlight and absorbs less heat than a standard roof, greatly reducing our energy usage. #TuesdayTidbit
Enjoy a romantic dining experience in the heart of the sea!

Valentine's Day Dinner
Have you ever wondered what it takes to care for our animals?

Register for our Aquarist For A Day program!
The largemouth bass is named for its proportionally wide mouth, which extends below the eye. We’re all about that bass. #FeaturedFishFriday