Rats can survive longer without water than camels.
This butterfly was born with one wing with female coloration and the other wing with male coloration.
U.S. movie theater popcorn costs more per ounce than filet mignon!
Penicillin was once so rare that doctors recycled it from patients' urine.
The giant remains in his captor's museum to this day.

The Irish Giant and a Hunter Named Hunter

The Credem Bank in Italy issues loans secured with wheels of Parmesan cheese!
Project Acoustic Kitty was a 1940s CIA project to use cats equipped with microphones to spy on Soviets.
Woodpeckers can peck up to 20 times per second. Do they get headaches?
Our Aquarium has been nominated for Best Aquarium by USA TODAY 10Best! After the Tennessee wild fires, Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies was one of the first businesses to reopen in Gatlinburg. Let's show the town some love and vote! -> [ Bit.ly Link ]
The Bio Bus, in Bristol, England, is powered entirely by methane gas produced from human waste!
Invented by Ludwig Hupfield in 1904, the Phonoliszt Violina was the player-piano of orchestras.
Baby killer whales and their mothers don't sleep for the first month of their lives.
Regularly playing the didgeridoo can help prevent snoring.
She had returned to her tribe after struggling to fit into American life, but he trekked through the jungle to reconnect with her, and his

Yanomami Mom: Man Reunites with His Long-Lost Mother

#ICYMI: Residents wondered if it was dangerous, or just fabulous.

When Pink Water Poured out of Canadian Faucets

The Cuexcomate volcano is just 43 feet tall.
China's crimson beach is teeming with life.

China's Sea of Crimson: the Panjin Red Beach

Rubbing a lemon on your armpit is a traditional hangover cure in Puerto Rico.