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This salamander is the size of a small human.

200-Year-Old Chinese GIANT Salamander

Blood donors in Sweden are sent a text message every time their blood saves a life! ❤
He was born without arms, but that did not stop him from pursuing his dream of being a musician.
Featured in our new book – Unlock the Weird!
What’s cuter than a cat? How about a cat in a hat – made of their own fur.

Cats in Hats – Made of Their Own Fur

Follow us on Snapchat tomorrow as we give you a sneak peek into the making of the President-elect Trump wax figures! Username: RipleysBION
(Ripley's is a non-partisan company. So far the figures are polling at 50/50, just like real life. We support your 1st Amendment right to tell us how you feel, both for and against. We just ask you keep the comments clean and respectful!)
These Japanese statues are made of thousands of insects!
Shigeo Fukuda stacks piles of trash that create deceptive shadows!
Before they spray, Spotted Skunks do a handstand to warn predators away!
The family dog scarfed down her owner’s entire meal – then took refuge in a lion's cage!

Dog Hides From Owner, Seeks Refuge In A Lion Cage

In McGuire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola, FL, the ceiling and walls are covered with over a MILLION dollars in bills!
The foxes are NOT shy! They will come right up to you and demand petting or treats.

This Fox Village Has Swarms of Foxes You Can Pet! (VIDEO)

The Diphylleia grayi or "Skeleton Flower" is white, but turns transparent in the rain!
This skull chair by French artist Harold Sangouard looks like it belongs in Skeletor's living room!
If a Boneshaker and a Penny-Farthring bike had a steampunk love child, it would be the Boneshaker Big Wheel.

Boneshaker Big Wheel

Shane Willmott of Queensland built a miniature skate park in his backyard and taught his pet mice to skateboard!
Outside it looks like Buddha but the CT scan reveals a human being inside.

Scans Reveal Self-Mummified Body Inside Ancient Statue

2 BILLION pounds of steel are used in the US for burials alone!

Coffins That Turn People Into Trees

The map is made of just stone, dirt, and grass using only a wheelbarrow and a few hand tools.

Man Builds Entire World Map in His Back Yard

This might just be the biggest huntsman spider ever caught on camera. ( cred: Barnyard Betty's Rescue )