Riptide Bodyboarding
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Morocco Anyone? Join the Bodyboard-School & Bodyboard-Holidays crew for a trip to Secret Morocco this march. Empty line-ups guaranteed! --> [ Link ]
Riptide Bodyboarding
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Insane old school shot of @spenskipper at pipe taken by @dudahawaiiphotography via the Vintage Bodyboard Collectors. #bodyboarding #oldschool #vintage #riptide
Riptide Bodyboarding
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VIDEO: The ABA TOUR returns to Mandurah Wedge, WA in 2017 for Round 1. Check out the highlights from the 2015 comp.

Mandurah Wedge to host Round 1 of of the 2017 ABA Pro Tour - Riptide
Riptide Bodyboarding
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VIDEO: The ABA TOUR is ready for action in 2017! Watch the launch video and see the full schedule of events.

2017 ABA Tour Launch video - Riptide
Riptide Bodyboarding
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Riptide Bodyboarding
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@seabassperez photo @lau_z_foto
The vintage board to trump all vintage boards! Owner @sambuckle explains:

"This is possibly one of the oldest, rarest and best condition boards out there. It is a 1973/74 first production model Tom Morey high performance bellyboard (the word boogieboard wasnt used yet!) unridden in its original shipping box complete with instructions on how you are meant to ride it. It even has a Tom Morey...
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Via Tom Boyle: "In April of 1986, we traveled from Hawaii to Oz in order to promote the sport of bodyboarding. Here's a shot of Pat Caldwell, Evan Penglis, Ross Hawke, Ben Severson, Rob Bell, George Tuifua Koloamatangi and Mike Stewart at the Coke contest (ASP Pro Surfing event)." *photo Tom Boyle*
Merry Christmas all! Hope your tree is up there with @doclach #bodyboarding #riptide #christmas #xmastree
VIDEO: Follow Pierre Louis Costes on his journey in the 2016 APB Tour.

Pierre Louis Costes is Chasing Thrones - Riptide
@ryanwsewell is just plain Mad. watch in full at #bodyboarding #riptidemag @dragboardco #madasacutsnake
Madness! @andre_botha_662 photo @clarklittle @clarklittleclothing #bodyboarding #riptide
Rule no. 1 - Never turn your back on the waves. ☠
@abatour head honcho @dylan_beach sliding into a hometown slab. great angle from @kaptainkirky #bodyboarding #southaustralia #riptidemag
Former Ed. @nawtakephoto showing he's still got the steez, lining one up in the Canaries. photo @jackjohns
Niko Richard screaming through the pit. photo @jbspictures
@dudupedra on a bomb in the Canaries. photo @jeremyaruba #bodyboarding #riptide
@felipeperusin with some hangtime photo @jorgeantoniopex