Riptide Bodyboarding
03/21/2017 at 17:58. Facebook
@stephkokorelis with a huge backflip photo Fred David via @meduxamag #bodyboarding
Riptide Bodyboarding
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Sharing the stoke in W.A photo @gwenael86 #bodyboarding #surfing #westoz
Riptide Bodyboarding
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VIDEO: Seamus Mc Goldrick throws his hat in the ring for the Nomad Bodyboards Big Wave Challenge.

Shambles stepping up for Ireland in 2016/17 Nomad Big Wave Challenge - Riptide
Riptide Bodyboarding
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Some inviting empties from Bali Bodyboarding!
Riptide Bodyboarding
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@jacob_hein in a pristine pit at Dbah photo @mark_roehl #bodyboarding #goldcoast #riptidemag
Riptide Bodyboarding
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VIDEO: Max Castillo is back with Episode 2 of his 2016 APB Tour Diary. Killer sound track too :)

Max Castillo lights it up in the Canaries - Riptide
Riptide Bodyboarding
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@cadesharp staring down the barrel photo @kimfeast_ #bodyboarding #riptidemag
Riptide Bodyboarding
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@charlie_jay sneaking one off the pack at a pumping GC point. photo @dylan_brayshaw
Riptide Bodyboarding
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@samuelross._ enjoying some slab time. photo @treeksea #bodyboarding #riptidemag
Riptide Bodyboarding
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@nickormerod on a screamer! @peak_creative #bodyboarding
Riptide Bodyboarding
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@uranga_alex looping out at a different looking Pipeline during the Mike Stewart Invitational. photo @darinmiyashiro808 #bodyboarding #riptidemag
Riptide Bodyboarding
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BREAKING: @chris_james_00 buys @dragboardco Griz has been M.I.A of late but that's all about to change! Read the interview with the new Drag owner at via @chris_james_00 / @dragboardco #bodyboarding #riptidemag
Riptide Bodyboarding
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Chris James has been M.I.A recently, but thankfully that's all about to change. Read the big news here!

Chris James Buys Drag! - Riptide
Riptide Bodyboarding
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@cadesharp launching with style out west. photo @kimfeast_ #bodyboarding #riptidemag
Riptide Bodyboarding
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INTERVIEW + PHOTOS: Riptide spoke to JG Boards Jarrod Gibson after breaking his back. Again.

"I immediately knew I was in a bad place" - Jarrod Gibson Breaks His Back For The Second Time. - Riptide
@mooooocooow holding the rail on this perfect one. photo @danielwaughphoto #bodyboarding #riptidemag
@tyson.ryan - knight rider. ????He found one way of escaping the crowds on the Gold Coast for this linkup on the knee with photog @mattschmidt_photo #bodyboarding #riptidemag #goldcoast
@seabassperez - wow. @lau_z_foto / @clarklittle - you guys are crazy.