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The stabilized ruins of McKinney's homestead and his horse trainer's cabin are preserved in the park. Camping, hiking, mountain biking, road biking, picnicking, fishing and wildlife observation are popular activities. Swimming is allowed in Onion Creek; call (512) 243-1643 for current creek conditio...

Hike to historic ruins or swim under a waterfall at McKinney Falls State Park
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Shrouded in mystery, the Heavener Runestone is not to be missed when passing through Choctaw Country. Much speculation surrounds the origin of the inscription on the stone and its meaning; however experts believe it is most likely an old Viking language, elder Futhtark, used between 3 A.D. and 900 A...

Heavener Runestone Park is home to a mysterious pre-Columbus Viking settlement
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Paradise is famous for its glorious views and wildflower meadows. When James Longmire's daughter-in-law, Martha, first saw this site, she exclaimed, "Oh, what a paradise!" The park's main visitor center, the new Paradise Jackson Visitor Center, is located in the upper parking area. Paradise is also…

The Alta Vista Trail is one of the best hiking trails around Paradise Valley
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The attention to detail, from the lanterns, to the party tree, to Bilbo’s now famous “no admittance except on party business” sign, the tour of the movie set is literally ripped right off…

Here's how to visit the real-life Hobbiton shire from Lord of the Rings
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Come and enjoy 350 acres of private land in a spectacular wooded setting. The River of Life Farm Outfitters caters to those seeking a peaceful environment, and not the masses of weekend travelers.

The River of Life treehouse is a riverfront getaway that will make your troubles seem faraway
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Nestled in the drop-dead gorgeous Allegheny Mountains.

Blackwater Falls State Park will leave you spellbound
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The Wishing Well is a 6-foot deep pool of water at Luray Caverns where visitors toss coins and even paper money. Once a year, all of the coins are removed and donated to various charities. So far, since 1954 almost a million dollars has been collected and donated. Since discovery in 1878 by a tinsm...

The Wishing Well at Luray Caverns has been an iconic road trip attraction since 1954
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From breathtaking beaches to a historic fort...

The ultimate Sonoma Coast weekend escape
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The Columbia River Gorge is, without question, one of the most scenic parts of the Pacific Northwest. If you're looking for a place to get a really good view of all of that beauty, there are tons of places you can visit, but few are as epic as Beacon Rock State Park. Perfectly situated along the Col...

Just off Route 14, Beacon Rock State Park is a 5,000 acre scenic wonderland
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Peyto Lake (pea-toe) is a glacier-fed lake located in Banff National Park. It was named for Bill Peyto, an early trail guide and trapper in the Banff area. The lake is formed in a valley of the Waputik Range...

Peyto Lake is such a striking bright turquoise, it looks too beautiful to be real
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It may look like it's straight out of a dream, but trust me, this place is very real, and absolutely amazing.

Cape Flattery is a misty dreamscape of woodland trails and secret coves
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Inner Space Cavern is a karst cave discovered by the Highway Department...

Discovered under Interstate 35, Inner Space Caverns, is open for exploration
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From Washington to California, here's your guide to the best "Border to Border" road trip!

Border to Border: These are the best places to stop along I-5
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