Principal Dwight's rules were made to be broken. #MiddleSchool is in cinemas January 12.
What would you do if you woke up 90 years too soon on a trip through deep space? #PassengersMovie is in cinemas New Year's Day.
Everything is connected. Domino artist, Hevesh5 - YouTube sets up a #CollateralBeauty chain reaction. Don't miss it in cinemas January 12.
Get ready for the grandfather of all heist films. Watch the official trailer for #GoingInStyle.
Meet the new magical crew of JK Rowling's latest adventure series. #FantasticBeasts is in cinemas now.
#Edgeof17 is a classic in the making. See it in cinemas January 5.
The legend is back. Discover the origin of Australia's favourite dog in #REDDOGTrueBlue. See it in cinemas Boxing Day!
When Jim wakes up 90 years too early on a voyage to another world, he has to figure out how he's going to spend the rest of his life. #Passengers is in cinemas New Year's Day.
When your leaders are cruel and the rules are unjust, it's your duty to break them. #MiddleSchool is in cinemas January 12.
See how a small burger joint became a billion dollar empire. #TheFounder is in cinemas now.
Starring Golden Globes nominated, Jessica Chastain, #MissSloane is a film you won't want to miss. In cinemas March 2, 2017.
Survival is Victory. #Dunkirk in cinemas 2017
RED DOG’S MANY TALENTS - #5 He's a bit of a player.

#REDDOGTrueBlue is in cinemas Boxing Day.
He went from milkshake salesman to multi-millionaire, and all it took was someone else's idea. See #TheFounder in cinemas now.
Moving, timeless and unexpected. Nominated for 6 Golden Globes awards including Best Picture, #MOONLIGHT is in cinemas January 26.
#WeAreAllConnected via the profound beauty that surrounds us. See #CollateralBeauty in cinemas January 12.
Hope your weekend was better than Nadine's. #Edgeof17 is in cinemas January 5.
It was just as magical behind the scenes of #FantasticBeasts as it is on screen. See it in cinemas now.