Roald Dahl
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"Roald still appears regularly in my dreams with his wry chuckle, twinkling eyes and well-worn cardigans. He breathed a touch of the extraordinary into my childhood, like the BFG blowing wondrous dreams in through windows, and for that I will always be grateful."

My great uncle Roald Dahl gave me a magical childhood
Roald Dahl
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Calling all teachers! Check out our BRAND NEW lesson plans for Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and bring a bit of Willy Wonka's world into your classroom.

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Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lesson plans
Take a virtual tour of Quentin Blake's studio!

Studio Tour
Roald Dahl received hundreds and hundreds of letters from fans all around the world, and every time a letter arrived from a new country he would mark it with a pin.

He would also reply to a lot of those letters, individually crafted responses that are even now treasured by their recipients, years later.

MORE: [ Link ]

Your Roald Dahl letters
Start the year with #GoodThoughts!
"For the last twelve months we have all been living in one year and now all of a sudden it is another. It is extraordinary how this tremendous change takes place in the space of a fraction of a second. As the clock approaches midnight on the thirty-first of December you are still in the old year, but then all at once, one millionth of a second after midnight, you are in the new." - Roald Dahl
Make your chiddlers school lunches scrumdiddlyumptious with this wonderful lunch bag!

Lunch Bag
Swivel your ears with the Roald Dahl Audiobooks app and listen to celebrity readers like Kate Winslet, Stephen Fry and Chris O'Dowd!


Roald Dahl Audiobooks
If you've got a new shiny smartphone or tablet for Christmas then check out the Roald Dahl apps, including two revoltingly fun apps inspired by The Twits!


Roald Dahl
A festive poem, by Roald Dahl:

"Where art thou, Mother Christmas?
I only wish I knew
Why Father should get all the praise
And no one mentions you.

I'll bet you buy the presents
And wrap them large and small
While all the time that rotten swine
Pretends he's done it all.

So Hail To Mother Christmas
Who shoulders all the work!
And down with Father Christmas,
That unmitigated jerk!"
[c. RDNL]
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Quentin Blake!

Quentin and Roald Dahl worked together for 13 years from 1977. It all started with a handshake and ended up as a friendship...

Quentin Blake on working with a big friendly giant - BBC Arts
We've got (Charlie) buckets of Christmas gift inspiration for the Roald Dahl fan in your life...

I Want It Now: December 2016
The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary has been included in the best children's books of 2016!

"A glorious dictionary that gleefully juxtaposes 'grinksludging' with 'grip' and 'rumpledumpus' with 'run', as Roald Dahl's neologisms are included alongside more familiar words".

Get you copy here: [ Link ]

The best children’s books of 2016
A splendiferous behind the scenes video involving Mr & Mrs Twit and some disgustingly skilful human beans from Yamination Studios.
"Now, that very same boy wanted to thank you, Mr. Dahl, because, maybe the good things in life happened just out of luck... but it is also very possible, that it was the doing of your books".

A letter to Roald Dahl
Ever watched Matilda and wished that you could dive headfirst into Bruce Bogtrotter's cake? Well now you can make your own! (and some other scrumptious Roald Dahl​-inspired treats).

Here's how to make sweet treats from your favourite Roald Dahl stories
Delve deeper into the gloriumptious worlds of Roald Dahl with this spectacular scrapbook from Carlton Books! #RoaldDahl100

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And the 2016 International Emmy Award for Best Actor goes to...

Dustin Hoffman for his role in Roald Dahl's Esio Trot! #IEMMYWI