Rob Dyrdek
yesterday at 01:33. Facebook
It's Sunday afternoon at home but I am live in Miami at the @islandgardensdeck full 360 with that @ultracastlive app. This technology is mind blowing.
Rob Dyrdek
03/26/2017 at 17:15. Facebook
The Dyrdek Boys at it again⤴⬆⤴⬆
Rob Dyrdek
03/25/2017 at 23:16. Facebook
Just drove past this @ferrari F12TDF curbside in my neighborhood and had to stop and drool... It's the only one I have ever witnessed in the streets. It's like a seeing a unicorn! ????
Rob Dyrdek
03/24/2017 at 21:29. Facebook
Tonight! Join us for another Ridiculousness #RidicFridays with special guest Vic Mensa! 8pm ET on @MTV
Rob Dyrdek
03/24/2017 at 15:57. Facebook
Metaphorically speaking… High bust factor, low expectations Jumping Fences Episode 2 with Toy Machine goes live at 3PM! Only on ETN
Rob Dyrdek
03/23/2017 at 23:27. Facebook
I might be physically in my office at 3:30 on a Thursday in Beverly Hills but I am virtually partying LIVE at Miami Music week on ULTRACAST! I helped create this brand because to me live VR and 360 on you phone is the sickest. However when you have the live audio this crisp going through the Bluetooth speaker... you really just teleported to the party! Download the the Ultracast app to see and...
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Rob Dyrdek
03/22/2017 at 00:55. Facebook
The signs are everywhere... the 2017 Street League World Tour is coming...
We all wanted another amazing skateboarding game for the big screen and True Skate was listening. Can't wait to play in full 4K! Kickstart it up!
We had a Dyrdek Family road trip to Malibu today. Kodah's first beach adventure. I could tell by the way he looked at me he couldn't understand why it's 80 and sunny at home and 65 and cloudy at the beach when it's only 20 minutes away. Son LA is a backwards place.❄☁❄☁
The Dyrdek Boys hit the beach for the first time today and Kodah Dash was not feeling the frigid waters of the Pacific Ocean! ❄❄
Jumping Fences on ETN going down at 7!
All new Ridiculousness coming you're way for #RidicFridays tonight! 8PM on @MTV!
It's a whole new level on ETN when you fight for tricks blinded by the Foooour Wheels Live fog! Join P-Rod, Jereme Rogers, and Thisguysthelimit at 6PM #OnlyOnETN
Sunday morning coffee and knowledge☕ Understanding money is complicated, but vital to true peace of mind. Tony Robbins book Unshakeable is a tactical approach to creating financial freedom. At the end of the day that freedom is true wealth regardless of how much it is for you. Understanding how to achieve it is the key. Get this book and get your money and mind right!
Today is the day... can not wait to see Nyjah Huston going up against this 34 banger... watch #FaceMelters with me LIVE on ETN! 1PM PST #OnlyOnETN
Tonight on an all new Ridiculousness! We're lighting up #RidicFridays with special guests The Chainsmokers 8PM on MTV
Had my dad as a special guest today on Ridiculousness. We built the stage into a golf course for him. Thankful to share these moments together. @genedyrdek1940
She is more then a woman. She is a woman who inspires the women around her to believe in themselves and chase their dreams as she has. She is a mother and wife who's value and love is the core of our family. She is the ultimate woman to honor on a day that all women should be recognized for how they shape our lives. She is my everything. Love you Bryiana Noelle Dyrdek #internationalwomensday
Toooonight Foooour Wheels LIVE takes it toooo a whooole new levels on ETN! Check it oooout starting at 6pm PT [ Link ]
Tampa Pro is going down oh so live right now on ETN​! [ Link ]