Inspirational video from our friends at We Can Win, who are helping one community in the City of London to stand up to the banks.
Catch former banker Professor Avinash Persaud (and our very own David Hillman) on this month's edition of the Tax Justice Network's podcast, explaining how to update our taxes on banks.

The Taxcast, Edition 62, February 2017

In the February 2017 Taxcast: how financial transaction taxes can protect us from finance sectors dragging our economies down. Plus: we discuss: the Swiss re...

This week's blog on how Wednesday's Budget needs to do more to help those struggling to get by.

Results may vary, but banking pay stays the same
Today, we found out that publicly-backed Lloyds Bank have paid out an eye-watering amount in fines (more than £20bn) over the last six years.

Here was our response.
We're in today's Daily Mirror discussing HSBC's dodgy dealings and bumper pay-packets.
Former banker Avinash Persaud explains how to change the economy for the better.

Post-Brexit UK economy demands a new type of Robin Hood tax
An idea that the government can't afford to miss out on.

City think tank backs £25bn bank tax
£25bn! That's how much a City of London think tank finds could be raised every 5 years by tweaking UK's limited financial transactions tax: [ Link ]

Brexit has allowed the banks to get off Britain's naughty step
Policies can change this. That's why we're continuing to fight: to make sure those who can afford to pay their fair share, do so.
We're quoted in the Daily Mirror's exclusive news that bankers bonuses have reached pre-crash levels:

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Fatcat bankers to pocket £5bn in biggest bonuses for a decade
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In recognition of all the progress we've made, we've collected together some of our major moments of 2016 to bring you up to speed.

Here's some of our news that you may have missed...

11 ways 2016 was a gamechanger for the Robin Hood Tax
The European Robin Hood Tax has been officially announced this week, but decisions still need to be made: [ Link ]

We're delighted with the progress, but can't afford these delays.
Our friend Maria from Madrid has written us a blog on how a portion of the Robin Hood Tax could transform the HIV/AIDS response:

[ Link ]
The international HIV response has come a long way. But we can't take our eye off the ball. We need a fully-funded fight to end the epidemic: [ Link ]

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As he now stands up for his Autumn Statement, we're calling on the new Chancellor to ditch devastating cuts to our public services. Now more than ever, he needs to help those who are just about managing (JAMs).

Want to really help the ‘Jams’? Time for a Robin Hood Tax
ICYMI, big news from Paris as lawmakers also significantly increase revenues to help the world's poorest ([ Link ].

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This is what real leadership looks like!

This week French MPs voted to strengthen their current financial transactions tax to help people and planet.

Now we need them to take the next step and introduce a full Robin Hood Tax!

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France strengthens financial transaction tax to fund development
Our response to the RBS story.
Not what you'd expect from a publicly-owned bank - this kind of callous behaviour has destroyed livelihoods and lives.

The UK government should follow the lead of other European countries and force bankers to pay for the damage they cause:

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The Dash For Cash: Leaked Files Reveal RBS Crushed Businesses For Profit