At an event in India a few days back
At my office in Noida - just love India - the spirit of India is rooted in my being and everything I stand for.
A new project (Yogdaan) was launched yesterday to share your extra items through new shops being set up for the poor - while you are provided a complete online update of who got what you donated in real time.
Santa visited the RRF schools for slum dweller children and shared gifts with them yesterday
Look at the joy in the eyes of the RRF Kids, who visited the Trade Fair & Children's Park in Delhi recently
Weekend headgear fun...
Remembering my Late Godmother from the slums of Bawana, who taught me the meaning of love that transcends any blood relationship - I feel her presence and blessings in everything I do
A Wall Clock was presented on Deepawali day to each of the 1804 Bawana slum dweller families, who were earlier gifted a Home by the foundation.
A new Dawn..
Dress, shoes, stationary etc. was distributed to RRF school kids and teachers, on the eve of Deepawali
Happy Deepawali - our kids at RRF schools for slum kids celebrated it too with crackers and sweets
Work on building 500 new homes for slum dweller families continues in Bawana, Delhi
Sixers from cricketers Sehwag and Gambhir - funny but absolutely on target #DelhiRains
The foundation Woman Volunteers from the slums of Bawana, Delhi received new shoes and dresses yesterday, stitched at the Foundation's textile training center, by girl children from the same slums. Love it.
Work on 500 new homes for slum dwellers of Delhi has started - one day the world will have no one without a home of their own - lets all work towards that dream
Love is contagious in a good way for you and for those around why spend a single minute with a negative thought about anybody?
Rakhi was celebrated the traditional way at all RRF schools for kids from the slums, with the girls tying the Rakhi thread around the boys wrists.
Pictures of Robin ringing the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Opening Bell a few days back
Independence day was celebrated at RRF schools for slum dweller kids, with a children's cultural function, gifts, sweets and the ceremonial flag hoisting
A Preventive Health Check up Camp was conducted by the foundation, in the slums of Bawana, Delhi on the eve of Independence day