Robin van Persie
03/24/2017 at 10:50. Facebook
Robin van Persie
03/21/2017 at 09:59. Facebook
People with Down Syndrome have special needs. Special needs... really?
#WorldDownSyndromeDay #NOTSpecialNeeds
TB just before I made my debut at Feyenoord Rotterdam #15yearsago
Despite my grandpa's illness, we are proud to celebrate his 96th birthday today. Happy b-day opa Wim, my hero! ❤
Enjoying our training camp in Antalya ⚽
#Family #friends #Moments
It was really nice to catch up with my old buddies Aaron & Berry again after such a long time.
Back in my hometown Rotterdam for the game tomorrow.
Meus sentimentos pelo time de futebol Chapecoense e para as pessoas que perderam seus queridos.

My deepest condolences to Chapecoense football team and to the people who lost their dear ones.
Even though we have played for different teams, always were opponents of each other, had good & tough battles on the pitch I have to say I have big respect for Steven Gerrard. What an incredible player he is and what a great career he has had! Its all about the game we all love so much and this game he def made it even more beautiful! #Legend #StevenGerrard
Well done guys! Solid win with 2 great goals from #SimonKjaer & #Stoch Fenerbahçe
Shaqueel & Dina made a piece of art for an exhibition held for the war children in Syria. Dina's butterfly stands for freedom and Shaqueel's art shows the contrast of living in peace and in war. We are very proud of all the kids who made a piece of art to raise awareness. ✍
Thanks for all your amazing support tonight! What an incredible evening it was!!!
Teşekkürler ®
Happy 10th birthday Shaqueel! Love you sooooo much big boy!! ⛳⚽❤
Its all about the topspin
Filmed by Dina